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Bill Stearman
Just a guy who likes to quilt.
Just a guy who likes to quilt.


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Days before his eighth birthday my Grandson told me … “My
Dad doesn't think that you act your age Grandpa.'   In an attempt to discover how old I do act we
continued to chat.   We discovered that we
had similarities.  We both like to get our own way; we bot...

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'August 15th ... a Tale of 20 Years'
This one is off to me quilter, where it will be made into a 'silk purse' ... On August 15th, 1997, at the age of 47, I rented an apartment on my own, and began living a new life as a gay man. Twenty years later, on August 15th, 2017, while taking a design c...

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I Wish I Had a River I Could Skate Away On
I Wish I Had a River I
Could Skate Away On Designed and pieced by Bill Stearman Hand-guided long arm quilted by Deanna Gaudaur I am so impressed with Georgia Okeeffe’s ‘Winter
Road’.  For me, it represents the greatest lesson that I need
to learn with my ow...

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Jet Lagged
'Jet Lagged' I had the strips for this quilt cut out before we left for a month in Australia. The plan was that it would be fairly regular in layout. After a month away from my machine, I went at it like a mad fool the first day home. And then ... jet lag s...

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Dear Bill, Congratulations! Your quilt  Reflections of the Sydney Opera House  has been selected for inclusion in the special exhibit   Tactile Architecture™ 2017 . This year was a difficult year for the jurors because so many beautiful quilts were submitte...

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What's Next?
While in Australia, I fell absolutely and totally in love with the Sydney Opera House. To me, it is quilt, after quilt, after quilt, waiting to be made! I dragged poor Larry onto boats, through gardens, up a bridge, across a harbour, into a train station, a...

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Playing With Japanese Fabrics
I have this wonderful bin of Japanese fabrics that I've collected, mostly from my friends at Kallisti Quilts . I had no idea what I'd ever do with them. Then, I came across Tula Pink's City Sampler book on a shelf in my studio, and an idea began to gel. I d...
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