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Fitness Center

Train as you like in a judgment free environment. Being able to workout is integral to a healthy life, but there are some places that make this difficult because they have atmospheres that are not conducive to learning and growing. With this in mind, SS3D Fit Club was created so that all the people of the area could find a place to improve themselves.

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We see our clients anywhere from 2 to 4 times per week depending on their goal, motivation, and budget. But all of our students begin with a 6-month initial commitment. The investment runs anywhere from $400 to $800 and up depending on which option you choose and what’s best for you. We also offer exclusive signature 30-min classes, open to the public…including a FREE COMMUNITY FIT CAMP once per week.

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Where to start?

Are you #intimidated by the idea of #joining a #gym? If so, you are not alone. The gym experience can be overwhelming. It can be as confusing as a calculus equation or as frightening as a medieval torture chamber. If you’re a gym novice, you will need guidance and someone to answer all your questions. Is it better to run on a treadmill, bike, or use an elliptical? Do you #stretch before or after you work out? What do you wear to the gym? At #SS3D Fit Club, we are here to answer those questions and so much more. Reaching out and giving one of our #certified #trainers a call is your first step in resolving your confusion and intimidation.

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Dule Hill (Actor)

"Working out with Coley is definitely a lifestyle changer. If you want someone to motivate, challenge and inspire you to stay in the zone, then Coley Speaks is the trainer for you"

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Mercedes Manning

Hi Coley and Mia!

Thank you both again for the incredible kickstart you both provided me. After working with you both, I feel empowered and informed, with a newfound sense of pride and accomplishment. With your guidance and encouragement, I’ve tapped into a strength I didn’t know I had, and am excited to put into practice what we worked on together. I especially appreciate the holistic approach you both have to coaching - it’s not just about one's physical lifestyle. It’s also about your inner thought life, your ability to envision and believe in what you’re doing, and nurturing your mind AS MUCH AS your body! SO. AWESOME.!!!

Here’s the workout plan I started with today, based upon what we did together. I basically combined upper and lower body stuff, alternating between exercises of each. “X Reps in 45 seconds” basically is my way of saying do as many as possible in 45 seconds. I did this today and it whooped my ass, but boy did it feel great!!!

Looking forward to hearing more about the new studio and everything else SS3D will be doing! I hope to work with you both in the near future! xoxox"
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