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ACME Updates. 30jan2012 Goodbye AdSense. I have been using Google's AdSense web advertising system since it opened to the public, eight and a half years ago. Aside from one quickly-resolved incide...
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That sucks. Hopefully you can find a new ad source soon.
Jerks. And they won't tell you w.hat you need to do differently. That's like me telling you that there's a bug in Acme Annotator without telling you what it is.
Wikipedia's page of advertising services ( looks like it will be helpful. One problem, though, is that I want to display geographically-targetted ads on my various map applications. This was the major money-earner in AdSense. I know there's at least one other ad network that does geographically-targetted ads, but it's definitely a much rarer thing than general display and text ads.
Fortunately, you're famous. Word of this will reach a few Googlers, e.g. +Brad Fitzpatrick and +Ben Collins-Sussman, who will raise the issue internally and, if you still wanted to remain with them, it would be sorted. I see Google have issues of scale to contend with but there must be many like you who aren't heard.
I wish I were still at Google to help you. But as someone who used to work in ads, I'm appalled at just how bad an experience random partners like you get from them. Feels like the way AT&T or PG&E treats people, with the arrogance of a monopoly.

There's hundreds of engineers inside Google who know you and would be glad to help you if you want to go that route.
I would be happy to stay with AdSense if that is possible. I love Google and think that they really do collectively do the right thing almost all of the time. I want to help them do even better.

My fame is an advantage, but what really ought to matter is my 8.5 year relationship with the company, plus my demonstrated history of working with AdSense to resolve our prior issue eight years ago, to our mutual benefit.
Same thing happened to me, and I didn't even get a response to my appeal. I appealed three times, but I might as well have complained to the cat.
Same thing happened to me. It wouldn't bother me much except I'm banned for life now. And I did nothing wrong! I can cope with a year slap on the wrist, but come on, forever? And I can't just use a different account either, they vet applications so if you use the same name you're out. :(
Remember, none of you guys with AdSense sites are valued Google customers. You're just one of the product channels. Jef, I suspect your 8.5 year relationship with the company doesn't matter much to whatever algorithm flagged you.
Same here. I was a publisher for about 6 years and didn't even get a response. They must have changed something with their algorithm since the amount of reports about disabled accounts has increased recently. A shame. I didn't find any ad program nearly as nice. Maybe a good time for Microsoft to step in.
It's very scary for publishers that rely on Adsense to pay the bills. Can you tell us where the ads were located, a screenshot would be ideal. What was your click ratio, did it remain roughly constant? Did you use any irrelevant key words (hidden or otherwise) that would influence a context sensitive ad? Did you deploy the ads with an iframe (if so, same domain?) or just the javascript snippets? Do you use a ad manager like OpenX or Google Ad Manager? Maybe someone can reverse engineer why a false positive could occur.

My site has been banned by adsense before and it was for "excessive profanity" and they cited a specific topic on my forum. It took me a month to get a real person to look into my case and finally got reactivated. Don't give up on trying to get your account back up, and remember to keep it cool and professional.

I also run ads from Valueclick Media and Tribal Fusion. I have tried many ad networks and they are the best in my experience.
A lot of those questions can't be answered by me, since AdSense has locked me out of their entire site including the stats. But I didn't use keywords, iframes, or ad managers.

Thanks for the pointers to other ad brokers. I think I tried ValueClick years ago but I guess it's time to try them again.
+Jef Poskanzer for what it's worth, when I tried other contextual advertising services after getting banned from AdSense, I found them all to be awful. Most are designed to target webmasters whose sites would never get accepted into AdSense in the first place - either porn or bittorrents. There are a few that are mediocre, but none that will be nearly as lucrative as AdSense. I've since shifted to an affiliate model via Amazon, but judging by your site I don't know if that will work for you...
Sorry to see this happen to you. As someone who was in charge of an engineering team that was one of Google's largest adsense partner I can also echo the fact that their banning process is crytpic and not very useful. Once they decide to stop serving ads its pretty much irreversible and I have never seen Google give a decent explanation about exactly what happened. I get why they have to not give much information but I'm also sure there is a lot of collateral damage with false positives.
Thanks Jef for raising this. I work with the Ad Traffic Quality Team at Google which also handles clickfraud related investigations. We are looking into the case and I'll make sure to get back to you within a few hours. Thanks for your patience.
+Jef Poskanzer - thanks for highlighting this.

It's definitely done bug in the AdSence click-detection software that is making these possibly erroneous judgements of terminating legitimate accounts.

When scams like Manik Photographe were running on at least 40 to 50 different free blogs - all filled with Google AdSence accounts and with a host of people clicking on Ads within those free blogs - which had stolen content and stolen photographs - and AdSense algorithms couldn't catch that, what should we expect???

+Euro Maestro +Susan Core and so many other photographers who contribute to google+ have been so vocal about this issue of stolen photographs being used for fake blogs that are thus used with AdSense to generate income!

+Matt Cutts - The AdSence Fraud detection algorithm needs urgent fixes - See the link to the post here for the entire investigation - at one time the below issue had over 650 shares and 350+ comments and then Susan got tired of the follow up - which was quite irksome since Google follow up was slow, anyways the link here:
Thanks +Thomas Siegel for responding so quickly and looking into this. +Charles Vaz is correct that Susan Core and I have been raising this issue for quite some time. 
Same has happened to me. AdSense terminated without explanation.
Yeah thanks +Thomas Siegel. No need to rush, take your time.

+Charles Vaz I didn't know how widespread that stolen photos + ads scam was. Very interesting. I notice when they use my photos because my name is unusual enough that I can keep track of its every appearance on the net. But most people would not notice. I wonder if I can help the investigation by being a human honeypot.
Let's see what message Google is sending to all of us: "You might get banned just about any time, we won't give you a reason, and there's pretty much nothing you can do about it. Unless, you're a big site and you start a G+ conversation, then we'll reverse the decision and everything will be OK".

Nice. That's the way. FFS.
AdSense reinstated my account earlier today, and the ads are now appearing again. Yay! I'm still having a conversation with them about what happened and what we should do to keep it from happening again. Hoping that they'll give me just a little peek behind the Curtain of Confidentiality.
+Jef Poskanzer

I'm very happy for you. That's great news. Have they given any indication as to the reason for which the account was closed ? 
Same here, account is disabled since today for no reason... Hopefully Google will check it again and reactivate the account. I`m sure we have not done anything wrong...
Well now that I once again have access to my AdSense stats I can see that there was definitely something fishy going on between late November and early January. Views remained about the same but clicks rose by about a factor of eight. AdSense was right to flag this. Locking me out was wrong, but that may be the only response they have without escalating the issue to a level that is impractical for common use.

Lack of more graduated responses is fixable. I'll try to continue the conversation.
Same thing happened to me last year. Same form letter, same appeal and same result. I told them that I would happily forfeit any funds that where in the account and fix the problem if they would let me know what the problem was. They said that by telling me what they triggered on would be telling me how they monitor invalid activity which they could not do.
Because we all know security through obscurity works. Great job google :(
This conversation is an eye opener. Good thing Google was quite responsive, may be because it's Jef Poskanzer at the centre. Can't say. But, I think Google should have a system where they can respond to genuine claims when issues such as Jef's arise.
Two weeks without AdSense can be a hell of a hit to one's bank account.
And I thought I had problems because fraudulent pharmacy sites that used my site name and excerpts of its content for SEO spam ranked higher in the search results than my site did.

Now I'm worried that something will happen to me thanks to a month-long 60% rise in traffic that landed on one usually low-volume page. They didn't click on any ads, and they didn't get there via a search engine, but who knows what it could mean.
If they didn't add clicks then you should be ok from AdSense.
+Samuel Okocha It is clear this only got resolved because Jef has people at Google that knew him well enough to vouch for him and get him special treatment. He had already been rejected by the normal appeals process available to regular customers. On the one hand this is encouraging as it highlights the problem of false positives. On the other hand, we haven't seen any indication that Google has incentive to fix the problem - it may not be worth it to them, since the extra cost of fixing it might not cover the extra revenue they would gain.
you are a very lucky guy. almost no one gets their account back.
This thread is interesting in part because Jef and I belong to a rather exclusive club -- AdSense publishers who have had accounts disabled, appeals rejected, and ended up with our accounts restored. (In my case, I ended up even with an Google-paid invitation to a summit in Mountain View in September, surely a solid rise-from-the-dead story.)

In an earlier comment, Jef observers that, in hindsight, he noticed the irregularties in his account. This reminds me of the importance of publishers routinely monitoring and tracking our accounts. Assuming that the appeal reviewer didn't know any of Jef's reputation and worked only by the numbers and data on the file, the rejection would have been justified. This isn't a "false positive" situation -- it is a case where a publisher had an over-riding strength which allowed him to attract the attention of Matt Cutts.

The challenge is, can the escalation and "appeal of appeals" review system be improved? Allowing for the incredible program volume and the wild collection of misfits trying to scam the thing every day, I don't see easy answers to this situation. Then again, maybe there is already one in place, which Jef obviously accessed (and so, in a different context, did I). In the truly exceptional situations where an AdSense account gets a second look (and chance) after disabling, the publisher has effectively earned his or her special status by the way he handled his site/situation before the problem arose. Essentially, even if the publisher didn't have one at the time of disabling, he earned an "account manager" -- someone human at Google who could override the bots. That seems to be a fair and practical approach to escalation when things fall off the rails.
Is there a person actually reviewing each individual appeal? Who makes the decision to disable adsense? 
Routine monitoring? I hadn't even finished setting up the site!
I believe that appeals are often "reviewed" by computers but there is some provision for human review as well but don't know exactly how the process works. I know that virtually every appeal receives an "appeal denied" email, but indeed some accounts are restored on the appeal -- especially when the account holder documents everything well.

As for account monitoring, it is effectively a publisher's obligation, which alas some ignore at their risk. If things aren't quite right with the site, the best temporary solution I know of us is to use the allowed sites function to deny income until things are sorted out. (This doesn't work for YouTube, which causes me to want to stay away from that program now.)
If someone with the coding and monitoring chopps of a Jef Poskanzer can get caught by this, casual non-coder publishers are really defenseless.

Glad you got re-admitted to the program, Jef, in any case.
+Craig Louis Yes, the tough thing about AdSense is that you can be screwed over through no fault of your own. One unscrupulous competitor or whatever weird thing happened to Jef and you are kaput.
I here now google has give your account back, congratulations
Now I'm worried... After working really hard on changing my site layout and improving ad positioning according to Google's optimization guidelines and suggestions and added the first-ad code, my clicks and earnings have shot up 8-fold. Looks like if you finally do things right and understand what the whole Adsense blog is teaching, they'll flag you and the risk of a ban increases.
Your story is interesting Jef. I'm happy Google accepted you back in. Maybe there is hope that I get a reply to the appeal I made in April 2011 (I know, it's already almost one year and I'm still waiting to have somebody from Google look into my case). I used Google AdSense for about five years with absolutely no incidents, then I got kicked out with no intelligible explanation (I just got an automated message which wasn't even personalized with my details).
I have a blog at for 3 years.  Then google terminated my adsense account after the earning slowly climbed and approached $100 last month.  No warning.  NOTHING.  They just gave me the same form letter that they sent to other victims, the same canned appeal process, and the same response letter.  Do they actually return the $100 to the advertiser?  There is no way for me to know.  There is no way for me to know what exactly happened either, no report, no hint that this was coming.  The only reason they gave was invalid activity.  I have no idea as to who or what did what, when, and where??? Whatever happen to "Do no evil slogan?"  This is more than frustrating.  I did not expect to make a living from ad but they way they handle this is down right scary.  How do I know whether they will handle my email, google drive, or google+ account properly.  It's almost insulting and scary at the same time.  Steve Wozniak was right, all these cloud stuff is actually becoming unsettling.  They way they terminate my adsense prompted me to think twice about putting my stuff in the cloud (gmail, google drive, etc, etc.).  It is down right scary.
I dont know that do i get justice or not my adsense is disabled but its not fair 
If anybody is ready to help me please see me as your brother and send me an email on
i have to tell you all my sadness and please help me to get back my account
Help me For this email

This email is to alert you that your AdSense account was found to be non-compliant with our AdSense program policies and as a result, your AdSense account has been disabled.

Current account status: Disabled

Action required: None

Violation explanation

It's important for a site displaying AdSense to offer significant value to the user by providing unique and relevant content, and not to place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content. This may include, but is not limited to:

copying portions of text content from other sources
websites dedicated to embedded videos from other hosts
websites with gibberish content that makes no sense or seems auto-generated
templated or pre-generated websites that provide duplicate content to users.
For more information, please review the AdSense program policies, this help article about scraped content and Google’s Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

Our specialists have found that your account is related to an account that was disabled for violations of AdSense policies. As previously mentioned, publishers whose accounts have been disabled are not eligible for further participation in the AdSense program.

As your account has been permanently disabled, we will withhold payment of your account balance. As stated in the AdSense Terms and Conditions (, Google reserves the right to withhold payments from publishers due to any breach of the program agreement. Please note that this step was taken in an effort to maintain the quality of the AdSense program and to protect the interests of our AdWords advertisers. The earnings on your account will be returned to the affected advertisers.

No further accounts
Please note that further participation in the AdSense program by publishers whose accounts have been disabled is prohibited. For more information concerning disabled accounts, please see the FAQ in our Help Center:

Thank you for your understanding.


The Google AdSense Team

Register to Adsense : (not active)
Other Blog for Adsense :
Hello sir
My Google AdSense Account is disable due to some invalid click activity in my website. if i have to longing my account so display this massages.

Your AdSense account for this login is currently disabled. We recommend checking your email inboxes for any messages we may have sent you regarding your account status. Sometimes our messages can be caught by email filters, so please be sure to check the Bulk/Spam folders of your email accounts as well.

If your account was disabled for invalid click activity, please visit our Disabled Account FAQ for more information.

i have to send appeal from to Google AdSense team but no Reply.

So please give me proper solution to reinstated my Google AdSense Account.

Please Help me.

i am waiting your positive reply. 
my adsense account is Disable due to invalid click  and i have appealed two times and both times they rejected!! what can i do. I never clicked on my ads and how one can stop invalid activity on their account. sir please help me...
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