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Jane Eborall
I'm me and nobody else can claim that!
I'm me and nobody else can claim that!

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Heart again
Back to a second attempt at the heart.  I really am stuck on what to call this one so any suggestions would be very welcome.  Bet you can't see any differences between this one and the other day's!!!! There are, though. Minor ones but (to me) important too.

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Change of thread.
So I did as I thought I would. I started again on the Forever Young doily. I think the thread was the problem as it was very 'soft'. Lovely for lots of things but for what I consider another iconic design I wanted the best I'd got. Well, I've got lots of...

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A new experiment
Remember this ring and how it turned out ?  Well, as I said in one of my posts - I got really bored with the Ring A Ding Ding design. As anybody knows - a finished design isn't the first time an OG has tatted it and it's probably been a pain in the 'whotsi...

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Another TIAS has arrived in my inbox.  I'm not going to tell you who it is or what she says as I'm making this a teaser post!!!!  You'll just have to take courage in both hands, click on this link and go and see for yourself!!!! I will, however, let you hav...

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Well done
Well done to Kathy who guessed exactly right!!! I'm working on Teri Dusenbury's wonderful Forever Young pineapple doily. Like Dora's patterns it's a bit of a learning curve and I'm not really happy with what I've done so far so am treating this as a trial ...

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A guessing game
Now I've started something new.  This is NOT my design but it's one I've wanted to do for many, many years. Any guesses as to who the designer is?

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In case you're not bored!!!
I did do another Ring A Ding Ding before boredom totally set in. I'm now playing with another idea for the smaller ring.

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Finished and on my site
I finally, finally managed to get my aged act together yesterday and did a final proof read of the Ring A Ding Ding motif. My main problem is a total lack of interest once a design has been done and I wander off and start on something else and forget it!!!...

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Another task done and dusted
Well here it is finally. I'll get the pattern sorted and onto the pattern pages over the weekend.  I doubt many people will use it as it does mean two sizes of rings need to be found. The inner ring is easy as it's a standard sized curtain ring.  This lea...

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Dora finished - again!
Finally!!! Done. Am I fed up with it? No. Will I do this pattern yet again? YES.  I had no idea how it would look using two colours before I started but now I do know!!! My Dora obsession continues.
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