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Soaring through Malaysia: Part II: Langkawi Islands
Hi, guys. I am back at it again. If you haven’t already read my first post , well please do. I am going to take you through Langkawi in this one.
It’s a beautiful archipelago of a hundred and four islands in the gorgeous
Andaman Sea. It had been a while tra...

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Soaring through Malaysia: Part I
Only four months into 2016, and my wanderlust has consumed me already and taken me to a good many places. The preceding January, after getting done with half my post graduation course, I boarded a flight to Malaysia—the country where my sister moved to afte...

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Having spent the whole night studying about ihsaan, the next day when I said to someone, ' Allah swt ka buhat ihsaan hai, ' my whole world momentarily froze.

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So much love. Everywhere!
Got featured on WORLD HIJAB DAY 's page! I am taken aback by all the du'as. Alhamdulilah! :') One of those posts I like to keep on my blog to revert back to when I am sad. This is just so beautiful!

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I'm coming home.
Peace be unto you. All those who have known me for the last four, five years know the recurrent spiritual bouts I have been having. I reverted in July, 2009 and by 2013, I was off track again. By the initial months of 2014, I decided to repent; twice. Each ...

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Thunder (Al-Ra'ad) - Qur'an.
- The thunder praises His glory. 13:13.

ThankGodIt'sJummah! ♥

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The heart is always in love with someone, either the love for Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala permeates the heart or love for someone else will permeate it. ♥ -
Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmad.
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