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A little confused with the iPhone App statistics. seems to be more people playing than actually bought it.
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A large delta? Could be hacked iPhones no?
massive difference. 7 sales but 200x more ad impressions.. going to hit 1000 ad requests (150 ad clicks) today but only 30 people bought the game.
you're right Stan. hackers cracked my game and published it on a forum yesterday. they then "help" me out with a little click fraud to show their support.
Lol, I'm unfamiliar with iOS is there multiple levels of drm or something? Or have they all been hacked? 
I would also bring Darren in for questioning.
I think they must have a way to buy the game, remove the encryption/signing certificate and then they can share the binary online.
Looks like your game is on the cracked app store that comes with a nicely jail broken phone.
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