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So, my last dream of the night was just awful. I dont mean the "naked in class" type. I mean an "everything that could go wrong in life" types. The ending had me walking down an empty street, wearing a dirty tuxedo, and holding wilted roses. Gee, Thanks subconscious! You turned an important moment of self-doubt in dream form into a late 80's video music cliche!

You owe me one now subconscious.... Tonight, I better be rocking on stage with my Adidas and massive gold chains!
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Your dream could have been much worse.
You could have been wearing a wedding dress :)
Oh no.. and I thought my dream was bad.Better dreams tonight then!!
welcome back! Too bad about the dream. It does sound like a bad 80's music video.
It would have been better if money was falling around you on that empty street.
You had a better dream than I. Last night I dreamed Edward Cullen went to WalMart with me to pick up contact lenses. >_>
I have this on Vinyl from back in the day.  Great album!!!
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