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Chris Stott
World changer in training.
World changer in training.


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Does anyone have any experience with Easy Digital Downloads? I'm looking at using it for a update to a client site instead of WooCommerce, as she is only selling Digital Assets. Also the theme I'm using isn't WooCommerce optimised. Thanks in advance for any insights!

Any UK based WPers going to either a 10th Anniversary Party or Wordcamp this year?

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This looks like a cool project, allows you to customise plugins for when you do wordpress installs:

I use clone to do this myself (as it copies settings too) but this may be useful for some.

I'm looking to learn from people who make a full time income from a Wordpress services / products business. Hit me up with people.

Realised that I haven't introduced myself! Thanks +Daniel McClure for the invite.

I build Wordpress sites for small businesses on a local basis. I've always got clients on the go but I'm looking to really step it up this year and grow my business so I can quit my day job. I'm keen to start learning PHP to code plugins and further customise themes.

Glad to be here. I only dabble on G+ and other social media these days as they suck me in to the point of me not getting any actual work done!

Discussion point: What's missing in the Wordpress community?

How would you describe your use of social networks? a) constant or b) peaks & troughs? 
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Waiting for an exact delivery date for new Macbook Air. My current old Macbook seems to have ground to a halt in protest of it's impending retirement.
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Ordered a new 13" Macbook Air and a Thunderbolt Display last night. I'm a little excited.
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