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April Wel
I am a sweet woman who is all about enjoying life.
I am a sweet woman who is all about enjoying life.

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Ok, so Saturday. I took Cody with me to run some errands. I placed him in his booster seat for safety. Well this little guy cried until I pulled over and stopped the car. I had to take him out and place him on my lap, then he was content. Smh

I saw take this guy out and let Jesus run the group.

How could Negan have morals and a f'd up person at the same time? I don't get this dude. But Rapey Davey dude is hilarious 😂

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I think I have a street 🐶 . He loves being outside. Now we're playing fetch. I am exhausted. Lol

Ok. I cannot wait until next wk. I wonder if Sasha is dead???

Rosetta gonna get Sasha and others killed because she's being impatient. It's time for her to go. Smh

Oh heck no, I'm giving you food and liquor, etc and you want my doctor? Oh that's not happening.

It's going down tonight.

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Check out my lil guy.

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Morgan is back. Hot damn
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