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Just a retro junkie!
Just a retro junkie!

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So i wrote a bunch of words and its all gone....
So the title says it all, i wrote a bunch of words for my A6000 kinda review and uploaded some photos from a recent Sabah trip and its all gone, i've been writing for days, on and off, depends on my mood, now its all gone!! now that is a major turnoff. I re...

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HO HO HO Christmas is almost here. It's been a while since i last post something here. Now its almost new year... sheesh how fast time passed!! I just watched Star Wars Rogue One and i just thought The Force Awakens was only a few months ago....NOT... its a...

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I am Leica-less
I finally sold my Leica M8...sob..sob..sob... And the guy got it at a pretty good deal. Comes with handgrip and a free Jupiter 8 lens. He said its for his wedding gift...awwww... that would be a pretty cool gift! Leica is so sexy man.... But its just not fo...

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Throwback: On Rialto Bridge at night, Venice, Italy
Shot with X100S with WCL converter. Such a beautiful city, day and night. On the Rialto Bridge, just looking out the river as far as my eyes can see and the lights that light up the city. I remember eating pasta and pizza next to the river. Pasta and pizza ...

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Throwback: Venice. On the Rialto Bridge. 2014.
Taken with my X100S. I love Venice. I'm having good coffee and a great apartment to stay, something about a city with waters. I was at peace. Boats, gondola, ferries. This place is also packed with tourists. Great pasta and pizzas.

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Throwback: Milan in 2014
Taken with Fuji X100S. I love Italy. Will i ever be back?

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X100T in 2016!!! Just another X100T first impression thoughts....
I finally pull the trigger. After too much thought, took me one long year, i finally bought the X100T. "If you spend  too much  time  thinking  about a thing, you'll never get it done." ... i saw this on google and i think its right. "Buy first, think later...

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X100T in 2016??
Is it okay?? Should i wait for its successor? I mean X100T is awesome on its own. But being announced in 2014, now its 2016, it felt like a blast from the past kinda in technology world. I mean an iPhone is already expired when it was announced. thats how f...

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I'm in dilemma new gear GAS want need mode!
I'm in dilemma. I guess i hate money. Shudup n take mah money. I think i need/want a proper camera. At the moment i have a Sony RX100m3 which i love for its size and great IQ but it is still a 1inch sensor. I love Fuji APS-C sensor. And i still have my dino...

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I'm just gonna eat my words!
So, i wasn't really interested with the X70, before.... but now after realizing it might be the same size as sony rx100m3, im intrigue. May not be exactly the same size,  just a tad bigger but still...that kinda compactness really intrigues me! like, i real...
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