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# 29 Presidential Cabinet Nominees or Board of Actualizers (not advisers)
Secretary of communications Charlie Rose Oprah Winfrey Secretary of Transportation Elon Musk Jay Rogers

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Elimination of Property taxes
Elimination of Property taxes If a land owner is a current or retired member of the
military. They need not pay any property taxes. Current members include state
reserves as well as active military. They also include police. They do not
include, by themselv...

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# 27 Meet Michael Rowley
This should have been post #1 Mike Rowley is very excited to start another year as Senior
Primary Support Consultant at Allscripts. He grew up in the Essex Junction
attending Hiawatha Elementary School ,
and then attended Browns
River Middle School , and Mo...

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Billions, and billions of hamburgers.
  We are told that we made or we sold as much of this object
that if we lined them up end to end, they would encircle the globe three times,
or 11 times, or 1000 times. Yet, we do not have one single interstate highway
encircling any land mass from coast to...

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