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T is for Time
Hi Parents and Students, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We had a busy week with lots of learning. For Math last week we finished our unit on telling time and doing problem solving using time. We took our test on Wednesday and it turned out to be a diff...

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Dear Spectacular Students and Parents, I hope you all remembered to turn your clocks ahead for the beginning of Daylight Saving Time this morning. We may have some drowsy students tomorrow, but we have a lot of great things going on this week that will be s...

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C is for Colored Light
Dear Amazing Parents and Hardworking Students, We have been doing a lot activities in class. A few of these projects are very exciting. Here are two of the many subjects we are having fun with: In Science, our class is learning about matter and energy. As y...

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V is for Valentine's
Hi Everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful week off and enjoyed your time with your families. We're going to jump right back into the swing of things tomorrow, so get ready. Two weeks ago in Math, we finished our Topic 14 on multiplication of greater numbe...

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F is Fraction
Hi Class and Parents, We had a lot of students coming in and out with the flu last week. Please keep your students at home if they're having a fever or other extreme symptoms.  We're trying to eliminate the spread of germs in our room by waving instead of s...

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E is for Energy
Hi there parents and students, I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. We certainly had many accomplishments last week. We set small goals about skills we wanted to improve during the week and reflected periodically on how we were practicing those skills. In...

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G is for Government
Hi Everyone, Last week was short but power-packed with a lot of learning. We moved desks and have started a new goal to live to our potential using the philosophy "practice makes permanent." We reflected on how good habits, when practiced, can become perman...

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G Is for Generalization
Dear Wonderful Students and Parents,  This week was really nice.  For math we learned about making generalizations and comparing polygons.  In reading we read the Witch of Fourth Street.  For science we made observations for our seedlings.  In writing we br...

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O is for Owl Pellets
Dear helpful, hard working, and awesome students and parents, This week was really outstanding and fun, For math I really liked learning the different types of triangles. In reading I liked doing the Witch of Fourth Street 's cause and effect. For science I...

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W is for Walk-a-thon
Sorry to be posting this a couple days later than usual. With the Walk- a- thon it was such a busy weekend! I truly enjoyed seeing so many of you there! ---Mrs. Andersen Dear Active Students and Parents, This week was really great For math, we worked on boo...
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