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Managing Editor, AdExchanger

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A favorite meme of yesteryear. The guy did enjoy looking at things.
Looking forward to +Fareed Zakaria and GPS this weekend. Sure to be the best coverage of a post Kim Jong-Il North Korea. In the meantime, here's an oldie but goodie...

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99 people have ClickZ in circles. Be the 100th and I'll send you a small gift. Be sure and leave a comment so I know it was you.

I've enjoyed my first two weeks managing +ClickZ's Google+ presence. A few observations:

-Google+ offers no engagement stats at all, and doesn't even directly notify a page owner when the page is added to someone's circles. I don't expect it to offer such analytics until overall Google+ engagement increases.
-It's still impossible for me to add administrator priveleges for my colleagues. For now, I am ClickZ on Google+.
-Shares and engagement among ClickZ's 100-odd followers is low, unlike for many tech industry publishers. My theory for this is that not many marketers are actively using the platform.

I'll try to post periodic updates about this experiment.

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Christmas needs more guttural mumbling don't you think?

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I like this. Reminds me of Ze Frank's Young Me/Now Me.

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I pinged comscore for fresh traffic #s on babble, and it aint pretty. Unique users down 15% Oct '10 to Oct '11.

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Let the squatting begin.

My Google+ stream is utterly changed after adding +Ben Malbon 's "brands" circle. And that's a good thing.

99 brands on Google+. Courtesy of +Ben Malbon

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