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Follow me on ello? #ello  

Verizon offered my a $60 loyalty plan I can't refuse so Moto X it is! 

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I have found all of these tips useful, hopefully you will too.

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Chatting with multiple people? Why not color code your conversations!

In a Hangout (chat window) type /bikeshed and hit enter.

You can repeat this until you find the desired conversation background color. Note: This is more of an Easter Egg and will not persist after you close the Hangout window.


+Cody Kellogg since we are the only people who actually use Google+, you like the new update? It was a little overwhelming the first 20 min, but really nice now. 

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The True Cost of Cheap Food

87 percent of the US supermarket meat (including beef, pork, chicken, and turkey products) tests positive for normal and antibiotic-resistant forms of Enterococcus bacteria. Between 2003 and 2011, antibiotic use on US livestock farms soared from 20 million pounds per year to 30 million pounds - a jaw-dropping 50 percent leap. These facilities now suck in 80 percent of the antibiotics consumed in the United States. The great bulk of these drugs are used not to treat sick animals, but rather to make them grow faster and keep them alive until slaughter under tight, filthy conditions ➜

Facts and Numbers (Source →
● In 1998, the USDA implemented microbial testing for salmonella and E. coli 0157h7 so that if a plant repeatedly failed these tests, the USDA could shut down the plant. After being taken to court by the meat and poultry associations, the USDA no longer has that power.
● In 1972, the FDA conducted 50,000 food safety inspections. In 2006, the FDA conducted only 9,164.
● In the 1970s, the top five beef packers controlled about 25% of the market. Today, the top four control more than 80% of the market. 
● In the 1970s, there were thousands of slaughterhouses producing the majority of beef sold. Today there are only 13.
● The average American eats over 200 lbs. of meat a year.

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Images by Food,Inc. ( and CR (

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Why Facebook is Blue
The Science of Colors in Marketing

If we take a look at what the major brands out there are using, a lot of their color choices become obvious. Clearly, every one of these companies is seeking to trigger a very specific emotion

Read More Here: from +Buffer 

Argo was such a good movie. 3 more movies and I've watched all the best picture nominees. 

House of Cards is so good. I really hope Netflix keeps making quality shows like this. 
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