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Arashi-Do Martial Arts: 25+ Years Alberta's Premier Martial Arts Schools
Arashi-Do Martial Arts: 25+ Years Alberta's Premier Martial Arts Schools

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Coming up at Arashi-Do:
Saturday, May 14, Red Deer; Advanced Muay Thai Grading and Symposium, make sure you register at your school if you are planning to attend!
Sunday, May 15, Red Deer; Advanced Karate Grading and Symposium, make sure you register at your school if you are planning to attend!
Sunday, May 15, Red Deer; Brown Belt Evaluation: Check event for timing and details.
Sunday, May 15, Edmonton West: BBQ & Martial Arts Classes Fundaiser for Ft Mac Evacuees! Check event for times!
Saturday, May 28, Rutland Park, Calgary: Samurai Sword Series Calgary #3: Check event for details.
Saturday, May 28, Rocky Mountain House: Samurai Swords Series Central Alberta, #4! Final tournament in this series!
Saturday, June 4, Red Deer: Arashi-Do Karate Black Belt Test: By invitation only.

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Several of our schools have offered free classes/training for any martial arts students displaced due to the Ft McMurray fire. This initiative was started by Sensei Ryan at Sherwood Park and now includes Deerfoot North in Calgary and Sylvan Lake as well. For a sense of normalcy, for community, and for support at this difficult time, do not hesitate to take us up on this offer. If you know anyone who is sheltering an evacuee/family who might be interested please share with them. You can check back here to see what schools have been added to the list of participants. All they need is some sort of ID showing they are from Ft McMurray or the Ft McMurray area. Schedules for the schools and their phone numbers can be found on the website at

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What's coming up at Arashi-Do? Bookmark our events page and you'll never :not know"!

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Wow! What an amazing day! Our new schedule system worked wonderfully!
I would like to say a special thank you to our sponsors ATK Oilfield Transportation Inc., Option Drilling, and 4 Way Equipment Rental! Your continued support have helped so many 4 yrs. old and up, to experience a great tournament with beautiful awards that will last them a lifetime of memories.
And thanks to my fiancée Jessica for all the hard work and organizing to make our event a success.
Our ring Coordinators did great job all day and really kept thing running smooth. Massive thank you to them!
Ring 1-Natalie Bryson (who also sang our National Anthem to start off the tournament)
Ring 2-Matt Richard
Ring 3-Stephanie Larone
Ring 4-Ramony Murry (who at some points was coordinating two rings!!)
Ring 5-Chuck Hugh (a last minute fill in who did amazing)
Ring 6-Lori Dalton
Ring 7-Peter Burt (who also fixed our electrical issues, as he is also an electrician)
Ring 8-Stuart Johnson
Ring 9-Trevor Wiebe
Ring 10- Robbie Sharma
All our head judges, judges and referees were amazing as well. There was some really great teamwork and we were not far off the estimated schedule they were working towards. Our announcers and podium presenters were going non-stop. Our first aid volunteers were extremely dependable and very prepared and were very needed by a few, and our photographers were going non-stop trying to get great pictures we can turn around and share back for the competitors, as well as posting to Instagram and Facebook live throughout the day.
And all our volunteers committee was diligent and super at helping our 466 competitors and families have a great day and a positive experience.
Sensei Ryan Timoffee's schedule system worked tremendously well and I think everyone appreciated being able to see when they would be competing and having their division start time turn out to be extremely close to the estimated start time.
He's overall goal was/is to streamline the scheduling process of the tournament while also giving the competitor a better idea of when they would be competing in the day, which I would have to say he accomplished quite well. I was truly astonished at the level of detail that went into the background work to make that all happen.
And although I created a page of suggestions (two full pages) gathered from many of my volunteers for improvements in the day’s processes and systems as I do every year so I can ensure we are always improving and evolving, even I have to say that I am very happy with the way the tournament ran.
This year was 1.5-2 times as much preparation work than any previous years due to new systems and new ideas, from planning the Bull Pen to ironing numbers on Ring Coordinator Vests and everything in-between. My mind and body definitely felt some damage these past months, but to have had a very very high level of quality of service provided to all those competitors and family's from so many places around western Canada, and still be completely finished the entire tournament and already cleaning up by 4:30pm left me extremely (but happily) surprised.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support everyone has shown me and the Capital City Championships Canadian Tournament for the past 12 years. It's an honour to be able to host such an event and be responsible to bring so many people together for such an amazing day of martial arts.
As always, I look forward to how we can make thing better next year for everyone involved; competitors, families and volunteers.
Please put mid-to-end of March on your calendar again for next year and just watch what awesome things we come up with for CCC-2017!!!
I will be putting up some of the 1000 pictures my photographers Hanna Robinson and Mahri Bonde took from the tournament over the next week, for everyone to see, claim and share. But now I think I'm going to go sleep for 36 hours straight! Lol.
Most sincere thanks, love and respect.
Chris Bonde. 
~Renshi, Kru, Professor, Tournament Host/Organizer~ smile emoticon
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Capital City Championships, March 19, 2016, Edmonton! One of Alberta's biggest open martial arts tournaments, 100% online registration, competitors from all over western Canada! Find event rules, event divisions, poster, competitors list and invitation letter on the event page. Click on "Register Online Here" and quickly and easily register. See you there! Share with your martial arts friends!

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Capital City Championships, March 19!

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This Saturday, January 30: The Sylvan Lake Open Martial Arts Tournament in Sylvan Lake, hosted by Arashi-Do Martial Arts Renshi Ken Sumner. Click on the event page and get all the details. Follow this link  and go to the bottom of the page and click on "Complete Package" to download registration form, rules, schedule, fees, etc,

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What's coming up at Arashi-Do? Check out our events page on the website and you'll be in the know!

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This is where it is at, today! How do you make dreams come true? Work!

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Muay Thai, Low 4 - Inside Catch!
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