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Don't let Spring pass on by without sending a little #longdistancehug to your student!
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With holidays just around the corner, it's important to let your college student know that you are thinking of them.
Let us help you ‪#sendalongdistancehug with one of our great ‪#carepackages‬ or ‪#giftbaskets

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Being the mom of two adults and sitting on the "sidelines" hasn't always been easy...join me on my journey of finding my "new" roll and how I stay connected with my children while embracing our "empty nest"

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There is still plenty of time to help your student be prepared and fueled for finals!
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Post has attachment wishes everyone a safe, happy and FUN Halloween!
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#carepackages #collegeparents #giftideas  

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It's that time of the year....across the country thousands of parents are moving their children into dorm rooms and learning to "let go" as their kids prepare to embark on their paths into adulthood and college!

As the mother of two adult children, and bonafide "empty nester", I share some insight and tips on how to stay connected during this important transition phase.

Saying "goodbye" is really the start of something wonderful!

#college #carepackages #dormlife  

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It's that time of the summer!
Help you incoming college student with a smooth and organized move onto campus! has some great tips for college parents and students alike!
#collegelife #parentingtips #carepackages  
Are you getting your child ready to go off to college for the first time? We've been there...twice, and have some great tips to help you make their move as smooth as possible!

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#carepackages #collegelife #sendalongdistancehug  

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Concerning trend among college students is linked to Helicopter Parenting.

#collegelife #parentingadvice #carepackages  

Post has attachment president, Trish Norman-Figueiredo shares valuable advice for first time college parents.
Staying connected with your college freshman and remembering to enjoy this wonderful time is key!

#collegestudents #collegeprep #sendalongdistancehug  

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At we LOVE music!
We found this cute indie pop song all about Needing HUGS!
How perfect is that?!!

+Trish Norman-Figueiredo

#sendalongdistancehug #giftbaskets #carepackages  
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