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Jacky Hayward
Googler working on Cloud Geo Expansion
Googler working on Cloud Geo Expansion


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And if you want to learn more about who's who this year, check out the #io16request  team bios below :)
Here's the I/O 2016 request team!

Once again our Google Community Managers are looking forward to helping bring Google I/O to you! Here's the team introducing themselves in their own words:

+Crystal Coleman (Gmail): Super excited for my first year at I/O and looking forward to seeing your requests! When I'm not at work, I'm hanging with my dog, watching tv, reading comics, or listening to Hamilton for the billionth time.

+Alena F. (Google Calendar): Urban explorer, avid indoor cyclist, long distance runner. This is my first year at I/O, and I can't wait to start answering your I/O requests!

+Jacky Hayward (Google Cast): I'm the Google Cast Community Manager and this is my fifth year working on Google I/O requests! Wow, how the time flies. When not managing the Cast community help, you'll find me in my garden raising edible plants, hiking with my pup Alta and husband, or skiing down a mountain.

+Kameron Kitajima-Kimbrel (Google Chrome): This will be my second year at I/O for Google Chrome! I'm a Bay Area native, born and raised and enjoy video games, baking, dogs, coffee, and dark beers.

+Grace Chang (Google Maps): Lover of ramen, boba, and avocados. When not working, I enjoy being outdoors, reading, going to concerts, watching funny YouTube videos, and helping others.

+Ben Crane (Google Photos): First year at Google I/O and excited to be representing Google Photos! When I'm not at Google, I read about technology, startups, and Philosophy. I also like avocado :)

+Amanda Brodman (Google Play): Representing Google Play for the second time at I/O! New Yorker, spending the last 2 years in the Bay Area. Outside of Google, my interest include comedy, hiking, and traveling! Very excited to see what requests we get in this year!

+Brian Rose (Google VR): Brian works on developer outreach and community on the Google VR team, and is looking forward to hanging out in Aech's basement or the Metaverse very soon.

+Tanya Sarna Naik (Google+ & Blogger): Super duper excited for my first year at I/O and participating in the I/O Request Program! Former Computer Engineer turned Google Community Manager. Out of Google, my interests include hiking with my dog, traveling, cooking and watching movies!

+Chris Wong (Google Hangouts & Voice): 2nd year at I/O and couldn't be more excited! I'm originally from LA (go Bruins!) but have called SF my home for the last 5 years. Coffee, boba, baked goods, and music festivals are a few of my favorite things.

+Arille Jeriza Virrey (Google Search & Drive): Former muscle stem cell researcher turned Google Search & Drive CM (2nd year @ I/O). Interests include all things Hawaii-related, food recipe videos, and brunch. Excited to be at your service!

+Orrin Hancock (Nexus & Android ): Really excited for my second year participating in the I/O Request program! From LA originally and love living in the bay area. Some of my hobbies include travel, photography, table tennis, surfing, and playing the drums.

+Paul Wilcox (Nexus & Android): For me, if it doesn't involve Google it probably involves comic books, scifi/fantasy, video & tabletop games, or travel. I'm excited to help with the I/O Request program for my 4th year!

Our team is looking forward to helping with as many requests as we can during I/O 2016. And if you happen to be at the show, if you see one of us say hi!

[To put in a request during I/O (May 18-20): create a public Google+ or Twitter post from your profile using the hashtag #io16request. We’ll only be able to reply to requests written in English. To see what others are requesting, follow our Google+ Collection ( or search for #io16request on either Google+ or Twitter.]
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It's all about to start again this year! Excited to see you for a fifth year working to answer your #io16request  
Ask your I/O questions with #io16request

Want to learn about what's happening at #io16 as it happens? We've got you covered! On May 18-20, you can send questions related to Google I/O 2016 via a public Google+ or Twitter post with the hashtag #io16request. Our team of Google Community Managers will track down answers to your questions, and mention you in the reply so you don’t miss it.

If want to see what others are curious about, follow our Google+ Collection where we’ll be collecting all responses posted on Google+ ( or search for #io16request on either Google+ or Twitter.

Meet the team
We’ll have 14 members of the Google Community Manager Team running around the Shoreline Amphitheatre to fulfill your requests on a variety of products:
-- Gmail & Inbox: +Crystal Coleman
-- Google Calendar +Alena F.
-- Google Cast: +Jacky Hayward
-- Google Chrome: +Kameron Kitajima-Kimbrel
-- Google Maps: +Grace Chang
-- Google Photos: +Ben Crane
-- Google Play: +Amanda Brodman
-- Google VR: +Brian Rose
-- Google+ & Blogger: +Tanya Sarna Naik
-- Hangouts & Voice: +Chris Wong
-- Project Fi: +Jordan Esparza
-- Nexus & Android: +Orrin Hancock & +Paul Wilcox
-- Google Search and Google Drive: +Arille Jeriza Virrey

Note that we’ll only be replying to requests about and related to this year's I/O posted between May 18-20, 2016 so please wait until I/O begins to start sending in your questions.
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We will all miss Wendy, a long time Google Top Contributor, friend, and teacher to all. 
We are deeply saddened today to learn that Wendy Durham, a longtime Gmail Top Contributor, recently passed away. Wendy was a prolific contributor to the forum - with over 100,000 posts and nearly 4,000 best answers, she quite literally helped thousands upon thousands of struggling Gmail users. But for those that knew her, she was much more.

Wendy was a longtime mentor to newer forum users and Rising Stars. She was a teacher at heart, sharing her wisdom and encouragement freely to build up the confidence and knowledge of others. She was a beautiful writer, never lacking in wit or humor, and always knew the perfect way to punctuate a conversation.

In the many Hangouts Wendy joined, she was always smiling widely, sipping contentedly on a glass of red wine after having taken a break from reading, cooking or gardening. Her cheeriness and joy for life were contagious.

Quite simply, she had a passion for helping others. Her legacy will live on through the positive, enduring impact she's had on so many people. We'll miss you Wendy.
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+Alta enjoying a sunbath on our deck! #happypup!
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Games Bootcamp - December 4, 2015
The Google Cast team is holding a Google Cast Games Bootcamp for game developers on December 4th, 2015 all day on the Google campus in Mountain View, California.
This event offers a unique opportunity for game developers to learn more about Google Cast (the technology behind Chromecast) games development, get first-hand experience in our code labs, and be part of an exclusive Q&A with the Google Cast engineering team.
Please sign up here:

Space is limited, and invitations are given on a first come, first serve basis.

Happy Casting!

#googlecast   #googlecastsdk   #chromecast  
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Had such a wonderful time seeing my Chromecast TCs! Shout out to +David King +Jill Gundaker +Mike McLoughlin +Frank Tedesco +Joe Ellett +Justin Chandler +James Mosvick (And +Tim Webber and +Brian Kennelly our RS's who are TCs for other products) Let's do it again soon :) 
Check out the "sizzle reel" from the 2015 Top Contributor Summit! Such a wonderful, enlightening, educational, great time...and let's not forget those amazing food trucks.
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I’m so excited to be able to share what we’ve all been working on and aren’t they beautiful? swoon

#ChromecastAudio   #Chromecast  
Meet the next generation of Chromecast and the new Chromecast Audio, making it easier (and a lot more fun) to cast the content you love to your TV and speakers.
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Oh boy oh boy I am super pumped to share that Chromecast is officially on Twitter as @GoogleCast. To boot, if you have questions or issues with your device, you can reach out to us directly on Twitter and we'll respond during PST working hours. W00t!
#Chromecast   #GoogleCast  
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So very excited for this! Go team go!
Introducing Help on Social, a new way to ask and answer Google questions on Twitter

Today, we’re excited to announce a new way to share your Google knowledge and passion. Help on Social, a mobile-friendly site powered by Conversocial, brings together Google product questions from across Twitter so you can ask questions or help others. Plus, you can earn some nifty points and climb the leaderboards as you help more folks.

Have a Google question? Tweet with hashtag #gHelp!
If you like to express yourself in 140 characters or less, tweet your Google product questions with #gHelp. Our community of expert users -- including Google Top Contributors -- are on standby ready to help!

Know something about Google products? Share your knowledge on Help on Social!
If you are passionate about Google products, try answering tweets alongside our community of expert users helping folks all over Twitter. 
Learn more by visiting

#gHelp #TopContributors 
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