So, the #Readerpocalypse has finally reached my browser. Overall, nothing to stomp and shout about. It's not like AVOS got their hands on it. But, there's nothing that makes me happier, either. Feels a bit lonely and empty now, and the social features are at arms length. That seems unfortunate and defeats a good chunk of the purpose (or promise) of a hosted feed reader. The best thing will probably be that it's gotten me thinking about hacking on RSS and Activity Streams again.

My impressions after spending 30 minutes with it:

* The design is cleaner and more Plus-y

* Basic feed reading is much the same as before - the keyboard shortcuts even still work.

* Marking an item with a star still works, so my ad hoc read-later list is safe.

* Following and sharing in the old-style are gone, as expected. Instead, I can +1 anything, and also post to Plus with a bit more effort.

* Bad news: I'm going to miss the stream of news filtered via lightweight sharing through likeminded people I followed. I don't see Google+ replacing that, and I've yet to find an RSS feed of mine or anyone's +1's.

* Good news: Sharing on Google+ with a bit more effort at least means my old stream of shared items won't be flooding this space arbitrarily. That's good news, really. Though, it does mean fewer things will be shared in general, IMO.

* Import and export is available for the features no longer available, and the data is in interesting formats. We'll have to see what can be done that stuff
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