So, here's a thing: There's a notion that this Google + thing will be wrecked if too many of the "wrong" people get invited. Ha-ha funny, but serious. This is how interesting communities get diluted into worthless smears.

What I hope Google + does is keep that from happening with circles and suchlike. They need to help us maintain semi-permeable cell walls that keep a high interestingness gradient inside.

For a long time, I've been thinking about this metaphor for communities online: Consider biological cells and concentration gradients. Cells have walls to manage chemical balances and life processes. If you smash a colony of cells and burst open the walls, you no longer have an organism. You just have a dead mass of mixed chemicals in which most interesting processes stop.

I've been sort of trying to use lists on Twitter and TweetDeck to do this for myself, but the implementation is incomplete and one-way. I'm hoping Circles around here prove to be different.
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