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White  car pool ane sticker question in CA: How long did this darn sticker pack take to get processed? I sent my paper form and check 4 weeks ago, the check hasn't been cleared yet. Has anyone had similar experiences? I want to drive in the darn carpool lane (and often do risking a pullover hoping my obviously new EV is enough proof I belong there)... thoughts? Ideas?
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CHP is often watching on 80 W at Bay Bridge.  Also 80 E at 580/80 interchange.  And yes, on 880 between Oakland and Fremont, too, usually on motorcycles.  I just got my HOV stickers and I've used them twice already at 2nd street entrance to Bay Bridge once by myself and once with a passenger.  I felt so guilty but so good passing those non-carpool people by myself.
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Pierre Calzadilla

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First vinyl decal is on. Love this one. Looks surprisingly original, like its paint. Love it. Hope
To finish the sides tonight and post. 
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Pierre Calzadilla

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Come out to a special event for Dads with +Poptism A's vs. Red Sox 6/21 in Oakland - Free tickets too! #fathersday2014   #fathersdaygifts  
All you can eat hot dogs, burgers, soda, water, chips, etc. The cost is only $30 per person, a savings of $5 per ticket - sponsored by Poptism.
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Pierre Calzadilla

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Really excited to share the latest Trulia #rentals app! We are the best app in the space for apartment hunters - hands down. Download it, rate, review - would love your feedback - it makes us better! 
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Pierre Calzadilla

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Love this #momentofTrulia  - well done team, this reminds me of my wife and I looking for our home. it really does consume your every moment when you are deep in the search. 
In our newest TV commercial we show one couple's journey to find a home.

It's an emotional roller coaster until you replace each unknown with a fact. Trulia is your ally, helping you line up the facts so you can reach that wonderful moment of clarity—that point when you know "this is the one."

We call that the Moment of Trulia.

Enjoy and share!
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Pierre Calzadilla

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Tint, wind shade, hood decal, done for now. 
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Good point! I do go out of my way to keep the shade open on my sunroof, and at times I drive with my windows down a bit if I am passing the po-po, lol 
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Pierre Calzadilla

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So I am on the hunt for better rims. But a few things to discuss. One, i noticed that the front and rear tires aren't the same. I think the rear is one inch wider. Also, I don't think putting 17"'s will work due to the range issues. I assume it will make it worse - so that won't work. So i am stuck with 15" - which is just fine, but gosh I love those 17" abarth rims. Anyway - are there any of you that went after market with rims on your 500e? tips? All I know is it's a 4x98 lug, and there aren't many options outside of Fiat rims. Though on the Mopar site there were some options - but they were line drawings... bah. I just want nicer rims I hate the plastic insert. 
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+Albert Malvaez I can't think of any current EV from any manufacturer that has them. 
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Pierre Calzadilla

Range & Charging  - 
Just a heads up - clippercreek a NORCAL charging company makes an epic level 2 charger for sub $400. Having it installed this week. They are american made, great reviews - excellent price. No charging network, but I have yet to find a network worth joining. 
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I have ClipperCreek and I brought for the reason it is MADE IN USA and also recommended by friend. Excellent product and i recommend to get this one. I brought LCS-20 model and they ship,deliver  very quick . During the installation my electrical need some clarification and we are able to contact them within in few min . They connected our call to Electrical engineer and  solved the issue in 5 min.
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Pierre Calzadilla

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Our friends over at Appfolio took the liberty of dissecting the results of the multifamily industry’s largest and most comprehensive national survey on apart...
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Pierre Calzadilla

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Join us in 30 minutes for this #realestate   #technology   #webinar  or #mobile   #trulia  Tools and Trends you need to know!
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My Tagline would be here if I was witty enough to think of one.
Hey everybody! Thanks for finding me. Feel free to check the links to the right with my most updated information. In short, I am a passionate family guy, technology and sales expert. I enjoy what I do, love people, solving problems and being part of a team that is changing the way things are done. For the past few years I have been at Trulia and have held a variety of roles, mostly revolving around sales and strategic partnerships. Lately I have been focused on growing and training our inside sales team. I have 2 awesome sons and have been living in the West Coast for just over 1 year now. I am a Born and bred New Yorker!
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2 awesome boys, grew up in the best East Coast city - NYC and now living and working in the best West Coast city - SF
  • Hofstra University
    B.S. Computer Science
  • St. Agnes Boys H.S.
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Online Media, Sales, Sales Training
    Online Media, 2007 - present
  • Fillmore Real Estate
    Director e-Business, 2002 - 2006
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Alameda, CA - Oakland, CA - Brooklyn, NY - New York, NY
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