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Well, some people are just crummy. Snatch and grab thief stole my chrome bag with bike gear. Now i have to look for replacement. Any one seen good black friday deals for bike gear? In particular, i'm looking to replace my Chrome bag and Smith helmet.

Thanks for the help.

anyone out there that has had tonsil and deviated septum surgery? looking for hints, advice for recovery and time to hit the road again.

Hello, i have a question. Been learning and reading about entanglement and how some of the experiments work. If the distance between the point where the particles where entangled and the point where they where observed could be stretched out such that the angle cause one to go inside a blackhole and the other to avoid the blackhole but be measured ..what would be observed? would the particle outside the blackhole then show what was happenning to the particle that went inside the blackhole? If the potential of a second blackhole starting now available since the particle is mirroring the state of the other inside the blackhole?

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national bike to work day...:) thanks to arcteryx, tifosi😆

need some help, suggestions. need a new helmet. mountain biking and road commuting. suggestions, where to buy?

Looking for winter gloves, water proof, for mountain biking, suggestions?

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An unexpected discovery, Comet Lovejoy contains Alcohol and Sugar.
Comet Lovejoy lived up to its name by releasing large amounts of alcohol as well as a type of sugar into space, according to new observations by an international team of astronomers. The finding suggest that comets could have been a source of the complex or...

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Hello there fellow commuters...looking at getting a different bike for communting and ridding distances back from work. A friend recommend i look at vanhawks bikes has anyone had any experience with them? Looking for comments or suggestions.

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Working late tonight and saw someone cutting the cable off bikes. Was able to rescue one of the two bikes trying to be stolen. Left the bike and helmet with a couple of officers. Here is a picture of the bike rescued in uptown charlotte. 

Hello fellow commuters.  New to the whole lifestyle chage  and enjoying it greatly.  Any recommendation for wet weather wear?  Brands recommended, avoid..etc?
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