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Susan Brooke
A magical practitioner devoted to helping anyone with a need and sharing what I know
A magical practitioner devoted to helping anyone with a need and sharing what I know

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Pagan Ritual for Miscarriage
My miscarriage story... To my little girl... who never lived. I stared at the ultrasounds screen, studying every grainy
curve of my still, silent child. She (though I never found out the sex)
measured at 6 and a half weeks, and should have been 10. I had ta...

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5 Tips for Finding the Right Psychic for You
Sometimes you need advice from someone who is not your
friend, roommate, or family member, and you want someone who has a special edge
in addition to being a neutral third party. Enter the psychic. But there’s a million psychics out there. How do you find t...

In an odd twist of fate, I may be finding myself returning to a Christian church in the near future. I have found that after years of not singing, I miss it terribly and my once pleasant singing voice has gone a bit sour. I'm thinking of joining the choir of the local church to get it back into shape as well as meet new people in my area, assuming they'll have me of course. Of course, I plan to simply forget to mention my pagan witch status. I wouldn't want to scandalize anyone. :)

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My Goddess is not the Maiden, Mother, and Crone...
I recently heard a wonderful interview Firelyte did with Lasara Allen on her new book, Jailbreaking the Goddess. Lasara gives the traditional female trinity new life with five new faces to the Goddess, Crone model. While all that is interesting, it reminded...

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Witchcraft Hack #1: Scrying with a Counter Top
Scrying is not in the average witch's repertoire, requiring special tools such as a scrying mirror or crystal ball. But this skill shouldn't be hard, especially given that you can replace those tools with a simple counter top. We talk a lot in our community...

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An oldie, but an appropriate one for Halloween!

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Guest Post: Sorcery vs. Witchcraft
Hi all! I wrote my first guest post for another blog this week. It's on the topic of Sorcery vs. Witchcraft. Check it out over at Learning Witchcraft Susan --- Need a spell? Check me out at Fiverr Want to keep up with my e...

Argh! Weeks of unpacking, and still the boxes are everywhere. Can't wait to be done and be able to fully concentrate on something other than the chaos. :P

After two weeks of travel and another three of being sick and family drama, I got my witchy inspiration back. New blog post on Blue and Black moons will be done and posted over the weekend and I couldn't be happier!
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