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In the beginning, the end lies
In the beginnings
the end lies A fine piece of land An earnest hand Just the right
amounts Of water, sun and
sprouts You did your best to
grow What you sought and
sowed. The sprouts weren't
eager Climbing up slow and
meagre Never more than pale Of color and...

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The ballad
What's this all
about? As a room full of
people huddled over To discuss something
seemingly important There she was On a damn dull
Saturday morning Late and out of
context Looking to figure
out what was going on She turns around to
find him Equally lost and...

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Whiteboard from Staples, bought for around 1800, selling for 1200.

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Stuff for sale
1. Samsung Refrigerator
2. WiFi Router + modem
3. Computer table
4. Ergonomic chair
5. Shoe rack
6. Gas Stove

Pick up address: C V Raman Nagar, Bangalore Near Bagmane Tech Park
Moving sale
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#RorschachDoodle I see is Darth Vader

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Midnight blues

Who's here?

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We have released a new chapter! "Ruby's Object Model" in the RubyMonk Primer: Ascent (

It expands on how "Everything in Ruby is an object" and explains method dispatch using Singleton Classes in Ruby.

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Check out our new chapter 'Finding and Fixing Bugs' in the RubyMonk Primer: Ascent ( (available only to subscribers)!

It teaches basic debugging techniques and ends with an interesting debugging exercise. It also has lessons on Benchmarking and Logging.
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