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Seven getting high. Yes, I gave my cat a Camberwell Carrot.

Now I have officially contributed to the cat video content of the Internet; my life is complete. 

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I will never be able to unsee this. Way to be totally fucking CREEPY, Google! Make sure yours is turned off....

I really dislike that you can't remove Google services anymore. It's like Facebook, where you can't really delete your account. Ugh.

New pet peeve: PEOPLE WHO FILL OUT ALL ELECTRONIC FORMS LIKE THIS. Are they scared that the database won't hear them unless they shout? Or are they luddites who heard that writing in all lowercase is unprofessional and decided to hedge their bets?

Finally watched Joe Calderone's VMA performance today. Pretty standard drag king act (other than the actual singing part, to an actual original (if not-that-interesting) song). People freaking out = does not compute. Also, I do that every day... well, minus the spirit gum and the singing.

Drag acts getting more mainstream/straight: good or bad? Discuss.

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This is something I have always wondered about. I don't know if I would have thought of Monte Carlo though. Awesome! I really want to read this paper.
I like it. Let's hope this new boarding method gets adopted.

Now 2/3 of my posts on G+ are about how Verizon should suck an octopus. Let's recap: the previous resident asked you to disconnect her service. So disconnect it. It's not that hard!

People in the DC area, where do you get your internet? Verizon is on strike, and it looks like it's gonna take months for us to get hooked up. The fact that one of my roommates met some Verizon management-types moonlighting as repairmen on my block is not encouraging....

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