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Come to tomorrows BNI meeting at the Hydro Hotel to see Michael from +Switchplane give his 10 minute presentation on competative advantage and the benefits of using Switchplane over other web companies and one-man-bands.

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BBVA sees the light and switches to cloud computing.

To learn a bit more about how Switchplane could help your company get into the cloud visit or call us on 01323 760760 to arrange a meeting.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Have you come up with any New Years resolutions yet? Come and join in the discussion at our Facebook page.

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To survive in business requires that you are at least as good as your competitors.
To thrive in business requires that you have competitive advantage over your rivals, preferably in a non-copyable way.
What's your competitive advantage? A unique selling point? A business process? Or maybe you don't want to say?

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