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~The Bay~

"Until you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it." - M. Scott Peck

A blue hour look at the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. I again apologize for my absence around here and lack of comments on everyones amazing images. My new job, albiet fantastic, has taken a lot of my time!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!

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Really a striking image!! Love everything about it!!! Composition and exposure are both excellent !!
Lance - someday when I grow up, I want to be a photographer like you. :) Great image!
:) love this... So blue and pretty!
I love blue. And I particularly love that blue. Deep blue.
Oh my goodness +Lance Rudge this is perhaps my very favorite photo ever from you. A long exposure (my favorite) together with your amazing color skills (something I lack). ~sigh~ This is seriously wonderful! ~swoon~ ;)
OMG, this is absolutely stunning!!
cant tell you what you want me to but i' ll tell you this a masterpiece
Beautiful can help but smile, there is beauty in this world you found it!!❤
tej raj
Superb i like it
sandbagger! congrats on your new job. Love the blue tones of this. came out well.
This is lovely. The Bay looks like glass, still and peaceful.
Masterclass Photography
+Lance Rudge The sharpness and detail are mesmerizing. So in love with the cool tones... I understand about life encroaching on G+ time.
This is absoutely beautiful, what a wonderful world. I just wish that the mind of all men is as beautiful as this, then we can have a world free of hatred and war to enjoy. You have made my weekend a beautiful one.
Sensational capitvation of the color blue!
One of my favorite places to visit, the Bay Area...
Nice shot. A little HDR action?
everyone's gotta have this shot if they live in california ;) this looks super blue though. did u add that or have some certain white balance?
The fool who invented the word blue to define sadness. he did not know the damage he did to this wonderful color. Blue is the color of life itself on earth. I love, that of the late afternoon is best.
Is the fishing good there? I'll bring some worms.
serene...........really well done
Great pic, don't know that Bay Bridge could be so beautiful!
i agree with Sergio Adolfo najera ochoa. the view is great
It's sooooooo...... plesent & beautiful....!!!!!
Great shot of the Bay Bridge. I like the glow of Oakland in the background.
Blue symbolizes youth (within you), spirituality, truth, peace. Blue symbolizes the Virgin Mary. A pure blue is the color of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. Blue is the calming color. Artists use it to show perspective. This is a good way to understand the energy of the color blue - it allows us to look beyond and increase our perspective outward. Blue is my favorite color.
nice shot,nice view,nice colour
nice but i would not like to be stepping on them stepping stones:(
wow you don't see that every day, look at the colour in that; good composition as well.
are they boats or something ?what are they?
Awesome photos... I guess its San Francisco... rt?
Lovely picture, would really like to see more please....
+Lance Rudge amazing view and the blue spread is simply breathtaking. I've been to SF a coupla times for work but never got to see the Bay Bridge.
The beauty of the USA and the talent of those capturing the moment creates magic. Please continue to recreate!
igi max
wooooooow nice
This quot is true,loving urself is the beginnig of loving the world,i don t mean selfishness.this is a nice peice pf art,too
I'd like to go there sometime
Magnificent Image, brilliant color shades of blue and composition, +Lance Rudge :) Love it! :)
.. and I'm wishing you wonderful weekend as well! :)
this is so so beautiful wish i could be there right now it's so romantic
all the Bay Area shots in the last week make me miss the left coast. When we packed up the cars and drove north in 2006 I thought that we'd be back in 3 years. The future does funny things to you.
Great shot Lance - Blue hour is my favorite, especially in the city
So Nice yaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr
Speechless. What camera is this?! I can as well say that you make it sing or do whatever you want! Kudos.
Thanx - it's THE WHAT I'm trying to work out! Right into the bull's eye
Magnificent .... i cant say more..... Amazing ......
that's really cool !! I would like to go there !!!
want ot go there!! stuck at home all break!!!
Beautiful wow love it the best picture yet!
i think that every effort that people make is due to their self-motivaton...its all based on that concept.. without self-motivation-the time will be spent unwisely.
wow that is all just WOW!!!1
Wow, what an master piece! Gorgeous color and light! Beautiful!
I know this place.... THANK YOU LANCE for reminding me of so very much. Grateful to have been born in San Francisco! Warm Regards from the east coast! ~<3~
I truly cherish EVERY SECOND. Its quite amazing to live this way.
amazing thing to see when you are down and its beautiful i wish i saw it right know not in a pic
This pic is marvellous! I love the blue theme.
Your best one. Love it. And this 110-second exposure is surprisingly sharp (despite the tripod). Phenomenal.
Awesome! I like the blue look
The strange lonely calm, of a city scape Wow, beautiful night scene!
too artificial but very nice
still can't get over it! used it as background on another site and saved it about 4 times! amazing.
Lovely capture and color!
That's incredible +Lance Rudge !! So powerful with the piles on the foreground and that intense blue, which is my favorite colour! :-D
Beautiful quote to accompany your exceptional work my friend, love it as always...
This is stunning! All the shades of blue are so beautiful and an excellent composition as well.
So lovely!! I love the reflections in the water and the stumps of the old pier! Awesome composition!!
The blues are amazing. Love your shots from the bridge, you were on a roll that day(s)
wow who cares no one sorry so go somewhere cuz thatz stupid
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I love this bridge - and you caught it perfect.
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