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Matthew Stidham
I am a political economist, love science, music, geography, travel, history, science fiction, and I am about to go start my bachelors
I am a political economist, love science, music, geography, travel, history, science fiction, and I am about to go start my bachelors

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RIP Helmut Kohl
On the same day that Helmut Kohl dies, the principal architect of the EU and Schengen Treaty which protects Western Europe from war, he who must not be named makes no public statement about his passing while making a major move to antagonize Cuba and aliena...

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United Kingdom General Election, 2017
If the projections are correct, then Britain is going to see a hung parliament this year. There are a couple possibilities which are based off of history: 1. Conservative/Liberal Democratic coalition as existed under Cameron's first ministry. I think this i...

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Oldspeak, Newspeak, alternative facts, and mind control
George Orwell's point is that the changing of the definitions of words changes how we think about such concepts. Capitalism originally was a revolutionary ideology saying that the big government firms of the European empires were not just bad for the people...

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Swastikas and Hammer and Sickles
While getting a glass of water at school today a schoolmate walked over. His shirt was colorful and it looked like it might have been from Firefly, so I looked at it. It was a communist shirt. After spending years of my life studying political economy at sc...

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Learning how to invest, tips
I have been an investor since August. I have a stable account with Acorns which has been giving me excellent returns for a passive fund, and will be enough to retire if I put enough in there every month once I get my first real job. On top of this, as an ec...

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3 years in advance, 2020 prospects
Trump's first 100 days have been relatively uneventful compared to what it looked like 3 months ago. He failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, has reduced his plans for the border wall. On the downside he has approved more pipelines, implemented a hiring...

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Peace in the Middle East
The current
situation in the Middle East is caused by numerous factors which make
war almost inevitable without serious changes in the reality of the
region. The rivalry
between Saudi Arabia and Iran, driven partially by religion with
both countries suppo...

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A Better Budget Process
If I were to design the budget of a country I would do it completely differently from how any country in the world does it. I would throw out the opinion polls (which can easily be manipulated) and close the doors to lobbyists and interest groups for the dr...
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