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So I'm at school and I was just happy that all the new furniture and technology was being used today in interesting ways. I was also hapy with Google's new "sharing albums" on Google Photos which made it super easy to share these pix with a couple teachers.

These are various groups of students. That's one of the reasons I love working in the school library. It needs to be flexible for many reasons and I've been working on making that even better. So has the higher ups in the district.

In these photos you can see that they are taking full advantage of the light, colorful soft furniture and moving it around in various configurations as needed.

The boy on the blue ottoman looking off into the distance? That shows a small group being tutored by a volunteer and an ELL group working on the computers and other students from a class sitting and reading while their classmates walk around chooing books.

The group of kids staring at the screen? Someone found this cool online game where you can virtually mix different substances and it shows what would happen. I noticed a group of three or four kids trying to peer at a small laptop screen so I showed them how to use this Multi-User Display and a crowd gathered. The teacher was so impressed with them and, well, everything about it.

I the rest of the photos you can see how they can re-arrange things as needed, including taking advantage of the wireless laptops to collaborate and work on research.

And now I see there's one onery child who disopbayed my direction to not look at me when I was taking these photos and it's making me smile.

Oh, and the Google Photos thing! They recently made it easier to share a group of photos. The teacher in here now (whose class is in the latter three pix) asked for me to take pictures (which I was about to do anyway) and share them when I could get around to it.

I took them, opened up Google Photos on my phone, clicked on these photos, tapped the share icon and sent her the link in an email right then. She had her laptop so opened it up and was looking at full-screen photos RIGHT THEN. I showed her what to click on to download them and she is happy.

I love it when a plan comes together...
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Oh my gosh you guys I am drinking coffee again. I used to, but it didn't like me. But I have discovered (and by "discovered," I mean found out about something that the cool folks have known forever) the pure joy of cold brewing coffee. For fifteen bucks I bought one of those lovely Hario cold brew coffee pots and for another fifteen a grinder. I grind some good beans (course), put them in the filter, run filtered cold water through it and stir with some chopsticks. Then set it on a corner of the kitchen counter and go about your life. Come back the next day, take away the filter with coffee from the pot and clean. Place the lid back on and put in the fridge.

When you need some magic bean juice, heat up a cup and pour in boiling water the rest of the way for a super smooth cup of Joe. It's niiiice. And doesn't hurt my tummy!

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Becasue I haven’t had tome to write up the books I’ve finished (which have been few anyway), and I’ve somehow gotten thrown under a bus and ended up as an Odyssey of the Mind (OM) coach?  I have no idea.  I’m sure I’ll have things to say about that later.…

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That’s the subject of the email I sent to the nice folks at Media Services at our head office when I had a question about how to add some new equipment to inventory.  My question was basically “I forget how to add equipment to inventory.”  They’ve changed…

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So we’re winding down the year-long technology retrofit at our particular school and last week I received my broadcast room retrofit.  They switched out many things, added some things and gave me a whole bunch of new toys to play with.  But that’s not the…

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So one of the elementary media specialists in our county sent out an email to all of the other elementary media specialists asking about the “controversy” surrounding the new Capt. Underpants title.  This was my response: “Unless someone even noticed that…

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I got sick.  I am sick.  Friday night, while my daughter had trouble sleeping due to her Dragon Con excitement, I was having trouble sleeping because my throat was burning and I was having all kinds of issues.  I took some Sudafed in the morning (the good…

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My former 93 year old neighbor is having trouble reading so My Lovely Bride wondered if she could handle a Kindle.  I said I’d take her my Paperwhite later today and see.  It’ll kill two birds with one stone.  If she can use it and likes the font…

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Week two of school down, only thirty-four more to go! Mostly I did library orientations.  I tried an experiment and made a Kahoot instead of a video.  A Kahoot is an interactive quiz like slide show where the participants can log into the game and answer…
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