Standing in the valley of Sedona must evoke similar to standing in St Paul’s Cathedral, Times Square, or the Washington Mall. All around you, everywhere, beauty rises up above your head, towering over every living soul. In this awe-inspiring place, love is formed; love is renewed. For John and Alexis, this was the place that their love first blossomed, and where the rest of their lives began. In this gallery of nature’s finest work, John took one knee and asked the love of his life to take his hand in marriage. And of course, she said yes. Now, in a celebration of their new adventure together, they returned to their favorite destination to explore new locations and revisit old friends. Thank you John and Alexis for inviting us to join you in one of the most inspirational and breathtaking places on Earth to shoot your engagement session. After exploring the Sedona area, including Cathedral Rock and Tlaquepaque, we now have our new favorite destination as well!
November 8, 2011 (44 photos)
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