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Sports Conversations
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Next Chapter

Jets have released Tim Tebow.  So the circus that is the NY Jets just got a little quieter.  

His agent sought a trade to another team but it doesn't look like there is a lot of interest in the league for him.  I think a lot of teams might be interested since the guy still has talent but I don't think any team is willing to take on the distraction that inevitably comes with bringing Tebow to camp.  

If I were Tebow, I would go play a year or two in Canada to prove to everyone I could be a QB.  What do you think is next for Tebow?
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I know this is a business, but this really doesnt sit well with me. You had to know that you would get nothing out of a trade for him on draft day. And keeping him until today you all but guaranteed that he will not get picked back up. He had lost 15 pounds and had been doing alot in the offseason to improve. I feel they could have atleast kept him through the OTA's and see how he looked.
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NFL Draft - Turning Nothing Into Something

I still marvel that there is so much interest around the NFL draft every year.  What could be more boring than a bunch of dudes getting up on a podium and announcing a name every few minutes.  Yet the awesome marketing machine that is Google has somehow found a way to turn this rather boring exercise into a weekend long must-see-event.  

Every sports outlet I tune into is talking about the draft and we are in the middle of the NBA playoffs and the Baseball season has just gotten underway.  If anyone has any doubt how obsessed Americans are about the NFL, all one needs to do is look at this.  
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Gets crazy just walking by Rockefeller Center this time of year. 
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Can You Steal First from Second?

Apparently you can.  This is one of the more bizarre sequences you will ever see in a MLB game.
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+Jason Call , no the umps got it right.  The person going back to 2nd has priority at the bag.  When the player tags both players, the player advancing to 2nd is out.  The player retreating was safe.  If he had tagged him after he got off the bag on his way to first, then the player would have been out.  
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What's the Right Penalty

In a tight game, on a 3-2 pitch, Zach Greinke hit Carlos Quentin (who is hitting .220).  It is highly doubtful that Greinke had any intention to hit Quentin but rather than just take first, Quentin decided to rush Greinke.  

As a result, Greinke now has a broken collarbone.  It is uncertain how long he will be out but a broken collarbone for a pitcher is probably not something you come back from in a week.

So given the situation, what is the right penalty?  Does it matter that Greinke may be out for a long time?
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The funny thing is I think the league is reluctant to clamp down on rushing the mound... it brings excitement to the game and doesn't usually amount to much. Like +Bok CHoy mentioned, the injury was rather freakish.
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Sports Conversations

College Football  - 
NCAA Corruption

As a surprise to no one there is yet another scandal for a major NCAA school.  This one might require Auburn to vacate its 2011 National Championship.  

Given the Rutgers scandal going on and all the problems in the past, is there any "policing" body more inept than the NCAA?
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I read a really interesting article on the NCAA a few days ago on the Atlantic.  When I searched for the link just now, I saw that it was part of an ongoing discussion.  It looks like I have some fun reading to do!
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Sports Conversations

College Basketball  - 
Year of the Underdog

The NCAA tournament is featuring a #12, #13 and for the first time ever a #15 seed in the Sweet 16.  It shouldn't come as a complete surprise as there was no clear great teams in the tournament.  Just lots of good ones.  

FGCU is a particularly interesting story as they are a relatively new school and very new to even Division 1 play.  

I'm not sure FGCU moves on from here.  I think there is a decent chance that La Salle does and I think Oregon might shock a few people.  My money is still on Louisville winning (I think they will win the whole thing) but wouldn't be shocked if Oregon moves on. 

What are your thoughts on the tournament thus far?  Do you think any of these Cinderellas move on?
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I don't follow individual schools very closely (except for my beloved Cyclones) but one thing I read before the tournament started was that this was one year when pretty much any school had the potential to win it all.  Some schools had a better chance (ie, they won more games than others during the regular season) but that the caliber of teams was pretty close among those playing.
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Sports Conversations

Shared publicly  - 
NBA Champs

I give you your next NBA Champions, The Miami Heat

Thunder had the best shot of taking down Lebron and the Heat.  Without Westbrook, they won't make it out of the west. 

Does anyone have a shot to take out Miami?
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Lol. I am not speculating anything about the ideal. I'm saying every team has to earn that berth. Even though the question was about a potential Heat opponent, the Heat have yet to arrive at the east finals themselves. 
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Yeah because the +NY Jets need more QB controversy. 
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Many think Geno Smith will be the best of this QB class.  I would tend to agree.  
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Home Court Advantage

Home teams went 8-0 in the NBA playoffs this weekend.  First time that's happened in more than a decade.  Made for a kind of boring weekend as I'm always rooting for an upset (unless my team is the favorite).  

Do any of the underdogs have a chance this round?  After this weekend, not so sure.
Jody Ancar's profile photo
I think +Boston Celtics has a chance.
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Man of His Word

Kobe Bryant said the Lakers would make the playoffs and it took them to the very last game but they actually did.  Amazing accomplishment considering they were 17-25 at one point in the season.  Not only did they make the playoffs but they are the #7 seed which allows them to skip a horrible matchup in the OKC Thunder. 

I still don't think they can beat San Antonio without Kobe Bryant but their chances are certainly better than OKC.  

Do you think the Lakers have any shot of doing anything in the playoffs.  Do you see any other upsets happening?
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Couldn't have done it without the help of the refs ha!
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Beating Father Time

Kobe Bryant, at 34 years old, is having a truly amazing season.  He is still clearly one of the top 5 players in the game and is basically willing a mediocre Lakers team, which had sky-high expectations, into the playoffs.  The Blazers got off to a hot start and a double digit lead and only a furious comeback at the end allowed the Lakers to stay 1 game ahead of Utah for the final western conference playoff spot.

Do you think the Lakers make it in?  How long do you think Kobe can play at this level?
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Worth It?

Tigers looked to have locked up Verlander for the foreseeable future.  Given he is probably the best pitcher in the game, and given the deal that King Felix got, its hard to argue that Detroit didn't do the right thing here.  Still, a pretty big risk to give any pitcher a deal this long and for this much money. 

With Clayton Kershaw's contract about due for negotiating, do you think he will break the $30M/year mark?  Do you think Detroit did the smart thing here resigning Verlander when he was under contract for 2 more years?
Josh Schott's profile photo
Of course it was a smart move by Detroit. But as an Indians fan, it's sickening. 
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