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The forecast for tonight is quite the mouthful. I like the last part....You know, other than that, it'll be cloudy.

A chance of rain and snow before 11pm, then areas of drizzle and snow between 11pm and 1am, then areas of snow and freezing drizzle after 1am. Areas of fog between 11pm and 1am. Areas of freezing fog after 1am. Otherwise, cloudy, with a low around 29.

Made some chorizo breakfast burritos and made the horrible mistake of reading the chorizo ingredients.....after eating one.

First ingredient....
Um...what? Not sure if I want to laugh or cry.

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"manatee gray". Oh my, that's funny.

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Is it just me or did all of the recent bluster coming from North Korea begin right after Dennis Rodman's visit? I really can't blame Kim Jong-un for getting so irritable.

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Ha, that's funny.

Seriously, Colorado, can't we just let him plead guilty, save the state millions of dollars, and be done with it?

The radar from my local National Weather Service is down! How will I know if it's raining???

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Kitty hungry!

If we can get cold enough by midnight on Friday night, Colorado Springs could have highs in the 20's for three days in row this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. That would be the first time that's happened in March or later since 1983. Keep your fingers crossed, everybody!

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Skipper's post almost got Ryan Gosling's stupid face off my screen, but not quite. This'll do the trick.

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