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Tape Calculator Pro
Best Editable Tape Calculator on the Android Market
Best Editable Tape Calculator on the Android Market


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Hint #1: How to edit a number

Click anywhere in red rectangular box to edit line # 1.
While in Edit mode, you can also change the operation sign.
You will also see "#1 Editing" at the bottom right corner.
If you press = after editing the number, it will go out of Edit Mode without changing the operation sign.
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Tape Calculator Pro
Version History

New in 5.9.5: Notes shown on main screen
New in 5.7.5: Landscape mode added
New in 5.7.0: Email formatted, Tape History optimized, Attach Note to each number
New in 5.6.0: New History screen
New in 5.5.7: Memory buttons
New in 5.5.5: Auto Mode in Settings
New in 5.3.0: Edit previous # before calculation is completed
New in 5.2.9: Instant calculations as # typed
New in 5.1.4: Red color for negative numbers & if previous sign was minus
New in 4.9.9: Order of Operation in Smart Mode & parentheses
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Tape Calculator Pro 7.7.7
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Hint # 5: How to attach a note to the number

Click on the Line number on Left Corner of each line (Top portion of the main screen). 
Click [ 1 ] or [ 2 ] or [ 3 ] or [ 4 ] or [ 5 ].  This will bring up a dialog box.
Type in the text (note) and click OK to Save the note or Cancel to discard.

Also, you can go to Menu - Settings to Hide Notes or Show Notes.
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Bugs are fixed in Tape Calculator Free v5.9.5 on March 8th, 2016.
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition
Galaxy Tab 8.0
HUAWEI MediaPad 7 Youth2
Above devices had Force Close when trying to Show Notes (new Feature added in v5.9.5 recently).
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What's coming in future versions?

Next version (7.7.8)
Big Plus button.  Multiple layouts.

Later Versions:
Ability to print directly from Smartphone to WiFi printer.
Ability to assign colors to buttons on main screen.

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Hint # 4: How to print a calculation

When completed calculation is on the main screen, Click Menu then Click Send eMail. Print eMail from your computer.
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Hint # 3: When to use the CLEAR button
To clear completed calculation on the main screen, simply start a new calculation by pressing any number (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0).  You do not need to click CLEAR button for a completed calculation.
To clear incomplete calculation, click the CLEAR button.
For example, 125 + 99 + 122 CLEAR
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Hint #2: How to use % sign
Calculate Tip: 80 + 15% =
Calculate Discount: 1508 - 10% =
Calculate Percentage: 200 x 20% =
Correct result will be displayed even if you change previous number and try to calculate same (or different) tip, discount or percentage.
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New version can now display in landscape mode (especially very good for Tablets).
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