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Tape Calculator Pro
Best Editable Tape Calculator on the Android Market
Best Editable Tape Calculator on the Android Market

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Hint #1: How to edit a number

Click anywhere in red rectangular box to edit line # 1.
While in Edit mode, you can also change the operation sign.
You will also see "#1 Editing" at the bottom right corner.
If you press = after editing the number, it will go out of Edit Mode without changing the operation sign.

Tape Calculator Pro
Version History

New in 5.9.5: Notes shown on main screen
New in 5.7.5: Landscape mode added
New in 5.7.0: Email formatted, Tape History optimized, Attach Note to each number
New in 5.6.0: New History screen
New in 5.5.7: Memory buttons
New in 5.5.5: Auto Mode in Settings
New in 5.3.0: Edit previous # before calculation is completed
New in 5.2.9: Instant calculations as # typed
New in 5.1.4: Red color for negative numbers & if previous sign was minus
New in 4.9.9: Order of Operation in Smart Mode & parentheses

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Tape Calculator Pro 7.7.7

Hint # 5: How to attach a note to the number

Click on the Line number on Left Corner of each line (Top portion of the main screen). 
Click [ 1 ] or [ 2 ] or [ 3 ] or [ 4 ] or [ 5 ].  This will bring up a dialog box.
Type in the text (note) and click OK to Save the note or Cancel to discard.

Also, you can go to Menu - Settings to Hide Notes or Show Notes.

Bugs are fixed in Tape Calculator Free v5.9.5 on March 8th, 2016.
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition
Galaxy Tab 8.0
HUAWEI MediaPad 7 Youth2
Above devices had Force Close when trying to Show Notes (new Feature added in v5.9.5 recently).

What's coming in future versions?

Next version (7.7.8)
Big Plus button.  Multiple layouts.

Later Versions:
Ability to print directly from Smartphone to WiFi printer.
Ability to assign colors to buttons on main screen.


Hint # 4: How to print a calculation

When completed calculation is on the main screen, Click Menu then Click Send eMail. Print eMail from your computer.

Hint # 3: When to use the CLEAR button
To clear completed calculation on the main screen, simply start a new calculation by pressing any number (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0).  You do not need to click CLEAR button for a completed calculation.
To clear incomplete calculation, click the CLEAR button.
For example, 125 + 99 + 122 CLEAR

Hint #2: How to use % sign
Calculate Tip: 80 + 15% =
Calculate Discount: 1508 - 10% =
Calculate Percentage: 200 x 20% =
Correct result will be displayed even if you change previous number and try to calculate same (or different) tip, discount or percentage.

New version can now display in landscape mode (especially very good for Tablets).
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