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QUIX - NZ ("Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited NZ"; formally known as: "Hinge Services Central Ltd")

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For VIDEOS - please visit us on Youtube via:

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QUIX©™ since 1965 
(copyright & trading mark/name/brand owned by Keith Clare),
QUIX™ since 1999
(Licensed to Hinge Services Central Limited, NZ - by Keith Clare),
QUIX™ since 2002 
(via Registered NZ Domain Name & MX records for QUIX .co .nz).

There are currently 14 "active" URL's, across which we operate.
These TWO are just humerous go-to's
And are:
Active >> TRIPELLO (on WordPress)
Active >> QUIX4U's videos, on YouTube

SOME of the many "QUIX©™" variants, which we now also use as URL's:
Active >> QUIX4U (John Clare on Facebook)
Active >> Educating Aucklander's since 2007
Active >> QUIX-NZ on Finda (2006 Business acc)
Active >> RIGHT HERE - on Google+ (obviously).
Active >> The Kiwi-Can-Do QUICK FIX to:
(see link in main heading - above)

& The "WSTLNZ" (Initials of: Waitaki Sound technologies Limited, New Zealand)
Active >> QUIXNZ on Facebook (aka: WSTLNZ's biz page)
Active >> Registered at: The NZ Companies Office.
Active >> Our 2007 QUIX-3D TRIPELLO "Blogspot" page
Active >> WSTLNZ & QUIXNZ Terms & Conditions
Active >> (A-Z gets "everyone home" to: )
Active >> A different type of Bookmark to QES™ USA

THE FIRST ORIGINAL MASTER (dated 2002, & which is still our master website):
Active = the 2002 website of "QUIX . co . nz"" obviously.!

Being 13 individual (additional) web site URLs - used as "floating bookmarks"

Plus the 1 that started us - onto this amazing Internet Voyage across the world.
The original NZ based "master" MX & Website URL (1st registered back in 2002)

Most were created after the initial MX (& website) URL in 2002; to assist us in aiding ourselves to "remember" where a LOT of our other numerous webpages are located, & as an aside, to thus redirect all "other" researchers on the internet (&/or other curious people), whom wish to discover QUIX©™ & how we  have thus developed since our humble beginnings (back in 1965), by provisioning these as "floating URL bookmarks" - which are easily remembered, to help enable all people to "land upon" just some of our 250 (or more) fully published websites, blogs &/or social media pages, etc.,
Where they too, can then follow the breadcrumbs from one website to another

Or - to instantly "change out" any of them, at a flick - of a destination A-record "change" - to allow them to suddenly go somewhere completely differently.!

Hence the terms - "QUICK FIX" .. and .. "QUICK TO AFFIX" = QUIX & QUIX4U
Which is also applied to the way we "create" our own breadcrumb trails too
(all across the Internet) - which also helps us get BACK home here (eventually)

As well as the fact that the idea of a QUICK FIX (to quickly affix things)
Did thus allow for the innovative creation of: "QUIX" - in the first place (in 1965)

QUIX© &/or QUIX™ has been owned & operated by Keith Clare (NZ) since 1965, and all variant uses thereof, are thus also - still controlled by him, to this day.
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