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Bridging the Gap Between Medicine & Nutrition
Bridging the Gap Between Medicine & Nutrition

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Nutrition Tips
I recently had the privilege of moderating a Google Plus Hangout on the topic of Essential Nutrition for Wound Care. The guest for the interview was Registered Dietician and Nutrition Professor at UNC Chapel Hill, Amanda Holliday. It was such an informative interview that I wanted to share some of the nutrition tips Amanda gave our panel. I began with the question, Does what you eat matter when you’re trying to heal from a wound? To which she responded,
A better question is when does eating NOT matter?…..Never!
The first nutrition tip is that we need to break a part our food into the major areas we obtain nutrients and calories are a good place to start. When we are dealing with a physical trauma like a wound, our bodies are slightly metabolic and have increased needs. We need to make sure we are eating regularly. Eating only one meal during your day is not a good strategy for healing a wound. The best nutrition tip is to get back to eating 3 meals a day or several small meals throughout the day to get plenty of calories.
Fruits and Vegetables
What you eat before a surgery can help and even more importantly you need to establish a nutritional eating pattern. Choosing fruits and vegetables with Vitamin A and Vitamin C are good, but instead of worrying where all the vitamins are in your food; try to get your five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Our nutrition levels need to increase when we are healing from a wound so getting into a routine of eating fruits and vegetables prior to a surgery is a great nutrition tip.
Protein is key for immune response and healing your wound. For most of us the recommendation for non-wound health is .8 grams of protein per kilo. To find this out you simply take your weight in pounds and divide it by 2.2, then multiply by 8. When you’re dealing with a wound, your need for protein increases from .8 grams to 1.2-1.5 grams per kilo. That translates into needing protein at every meal. If you watch the attached video, Amanda gives some great recommendations for high protein meals and more nutrition tips for vegetarians and vegans.
For more great nutrition tips visit Fitness & Nutrition Community on Google Plus. ( 

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Small Town USA - Benson, NC
What to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon....have a tractor parade! 
April 14, 2013
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April 16, 2011 - Where were you?
Two years ago I was standing in my father's backyard watching a EF3 tornado pass about 200 yards in front of me. It happened so quickly I had no time to react to find a safe place.  Literally, things got quiet, then the proverbial train noise jumped out of nowhere over the tree tops and everything went crazy.  Just as quickly as it hit, it was gone; and was followed by a golf ball size hail storm that lasted several minutes.  I did not know that just moments later that same tornado would take the home of one of my best friends; leaving he, his wife and five children huddled in their bathroom tub. They were safe, but looking up at blue skies within seconds of their roof blowing away.  Others were not as lucky.
The pics below are the NC tornadoes as well as the Lowe's Home Building supply in Sanford, NC. (no fatalities).
Any of you guys in NC remember where you were this week, two years ago?
+Jesse Wojdylo +Mark Traphagen +Lauren Sutton +Nikol Murphy +Domingo Rogers +Keith Bloemendaal  
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Computer Vision Syndrome & Dry Eyes
Healthcare HOA: Eye Health
#drshealth   #eyehealth   #nutrition  
Eye Health - Dry Eyes & Computer Vision Syndrome
Healthcare HOA:  Eye Health 

Thanks for everyone who was on our panel tonight for this great HOA!
+Isaac Porter, MD 
+Tatiana Barrera 
+Jesse Wojdylo 
+Joe Napolitani 
+Aaron Mead 

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Fitness & Nutrition Google+ Community - Congrat's on the Success!! 
Fitness & Nutrition Google+ Community: A Case Study

The community host of the Google+ Fitness and Nutrition Community +Bradford Lowry has published an account of the amazing journey (so far) he's been on since he created this community. Read to find out how a community that's not huge in membership earns the right to get a pat on the back from Google itself, and it's leader the privilege of an on-air meeting with the First Lady!

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Optimal Nutrition
Optimal Nutrition - Rapid Recovery
The human body is designed requiring basic nutrients, yet the majority of people fall short of the required daily nutritional levels. With infection rates climbing, and the cost of healthcare escalating, the ability to maintain healthy levels of nutrition is vital. 

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Nutrition for faster wound healing - here are details on my formulation of Rapid Recovery for my patients. 

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Calcium and Bone Health
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