Okay Yes there was a few near death experiences in my life. Listen to the end of the taps

Man has severely limited our alive experience by confining our mindset. Having been / experienced a 1% of a 1% of the return from human death experience there are still many things I am now catching up on. 25 years since impact back here. Another way of looking things in the eyes has come through. Getting in touch with a very much different self that was the same and not at the same time.

So I put it to you... click through to the explaination and see if you agree with the gut feeling of what human kind are trying to do to everyone. Those of us who have experienced this first had will understand what I am trying to express in words as something will responate within you.

make as many comments as you want. I've been there and walked around for nearly 25 years later with something there but not present and understanding the world as it is today.
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