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Susan Lewis (cve4me)
"I enjoy helping you create and develop your online community" @Susan_Lewis_
"I enjoy helping you create and develop your online community" @Susan_Lewis_


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Drilled narrow and drilled deep. The thing that confronted me was myself.

But who the heck was I really? Whatever 'it' was meant there was work to do. Others feeling that IT responded accordingly. Frightening how perceptive people are when that inner you is lost!

Guess what! I'm Back. Yes the real me who hid after a truck implosion through the vehicle I was driving has been located. Shy, a bit quiet [ okay maybe not] but defiantly alive and well.

Moral of the story: When you find your "U"Welcome her [ in my case] home.

Know that you have most probably worked out the "X", "Y" and "Z" core values as well.

Be happy cause that long slogg has been worth it.


Exactly what will be changing for you
a) Today and
b) in the next week?

Name three things for both a) and b)

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Hire a person on the Autism Spectrum and the company has harnessed one creatively logical brain. Create a family based business community and instead of one fish shared there is a net full of possible an overflow of fish for the dinner party!

In this post Susan Lewis we cover the inclusion of neuro-deversity and how it's used within our workplaces. The comparisons though are how to feed a family on fish forever. Rather than just with one meal.

Let's start with the importing neurodiversity into the workplace. Good intemtions that get taken over with a avert prosperity tream line production gains than creative expertise. Where what was meant to be has may easily have become the equivalent of giving a person the fish to cook for dinner. As the years go by the safe haven's wall being to come into the comfort zone ever more.

Employers be noteful of this point as when the comfort room is able to be nestled into the sharpness of the mind may become fluffy around the edges. Provide challenges. People surpass themselves with challenges as a stepping stone. People want to have the rewards therefore once entered into the competitive spirit begins to flow. Will this challenge better the results from last challenge when competing with yourself and the outcomes choose by self to surpass. What are the block and how to be creative and move mountains to obtain your own end goals.

About turn and look for the community that's members reach out to others and the others find friendship and team mate ship in the communities. Watch as the leader in field move up and beyond where they personally ever felt they would reach. As this is done, the influence on others becomes so visible, there are growth comments made.

Now instead of giving a fish to a starving mind the person is show what a fish is, where to fish, evaluated and shown how to fish for their fish in the zone of their choice.

Typically having only access to a minnow the giants of the sea leave these for the smaller schools of thought.

People attract like people.

Some of the people I know have reached out achieving a new safe zone. many in the blogging and vlogging areas. Most have struggled as foundations for changing their way of communicating to find their buying audience. However as the peoples inner selves have unfolded the changes are constantly noticed by viewers. As you become more targeted oriented in the communications sent out then so is the audience to target moving and refining until suddenly there is that very specific niche that you have been looking for.

However to have the basics and move with the flow from that moment on wards makes being rough and raw around the edges rough and raw around the edges Unique . When they went back time and time again the changes had become more familiar. They grow use to writing in their own style and slowly adapted to the changes that took on a life of their own. A new direction has often emerged.

For me I found that although I did not like talking about Autism persai the idea that Autism As A Gift easily do able soon become a clarified dream turning into a vision.

Gradually achieving the lifestyle changes needed in my mindset opened the way to the next stepping stones being recognized and related too.

Now the recognition as Autism As A Gift has been extended to the families and carriers that brought in another passion. Why should passions be ignored. This passion is the family based business communities. Why family based... often the families are the ones primarily caring and overseeing the general day to day care of the recognised autistic personality.

Communities are formed. In these communities like minded people gather. Everyone of has a latent talents that needs to grow and be share.

Share the talents within the community group. Commit to the time to be the person who knows themselves Whatever it is that you want then be that and express it. This magnifies and comes back to you.

It's important that you understand these choice factors a they amplify mindset change basics that stem from before you attend the online training through here

So I highly recommend that you take a few minutes ( why not now) to [watch the videos right here]

Share the talents within the community group.

Joyfully catch a ray of sunshine as you fly with the wind behind your back.



This read may bring a smile to the face as the recognition of early en-devours has been encouraged.
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Okay and when it comes to families who need to finance, the choice, indeed the only choice is to work together.

To reach out and see that family based business communities is on the increase.

Thank fully I opened an invitation a few years ago.

From that point the development of stay at home or work around the body and family actives have been seen to increase.

People are slowly working out that the accepted system is pharmacy and chemical lead.

The cost of Autism is ongoing. Being on the Autism Spectrum will just blow out.

Maybe have a look at those family groups that seem to drop out of the rat race. Get on with their own thing. Utilize their gifts.

Have they too come across an online community here their gifts and talents are being pooled. Pull in, retrained, expanded with and challenged to be complete as human beining?

Thought I would ask.

+Susan Lewis
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The science behind being born with an amazing a natural gift is amazing.

When will people realize the dumbing down of natural unseen yet talent deprives the world of so much.

Here is a question... if robots created the world we are all moving forward into where would compassion of heart be?

Why does it feel that humans are now fast becoming the the slaves of robots.

+Susan Lewis

P.S. Autism Under The radar... Should it be?
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Being Bullied is an emotional area that when noticed people tend to make up in some way for standing on the side lines when younger.

As the adult years of rearing your own children, hearing about and healing the woulds roll by a deep inner peace comes through stopping the Bully in their tracks.

Apparently the ability to manage anger as a 'simmer slowly' ability has been forgotten by some.

Yet is the Bully just doing the dirty work of another person ?

Are they what is called a hidden Autistic person on the spectrum... who faithfully carries out what is told of them to do?

In this day and age it wonderful for all staff, be they managers, or the night shift cleaners that they are thoroughly trained, cautioned, re-skilled when overloaded, understaffed and sleep-deprived mistakes occur.

That corporate bodies bear the responsibility of their managers as the corporation insurances get checked through, Occupational health and safety issues are revised... and the buck shoving stops higher up the ladder..

Just food for thought there.

+Susan Lewis

Wrote a piece a few weeks ago about being bullied. Care to read it ... then the link is here......
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Pays to visit the site and read the words behind the smiles.

Taking and idea to market without a business plan, some capital and lots more time investment is a painfully log way through things.

However, with the support of your family based business (community comprised of family, far relatives, distant folks and friends and acquaintances] actionable time managed business practices ... and a lot of challenges... people find there are other ways of 'doing things' For instance tagging into education and up skilling facilities on line.

At least online those hours needed at your time timeable affected and efficient.

+Susan Lewis

Oh just for your information look into the import and export business.
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How time changes the BOOM within us.

Videos and the Video Challenges.

Totally enjoy letting your hair down at any given moment in time.

These emotional releases seem to become more frequent as the thing that inspires us gains traction.

Susan Lewis
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Which of these four are you today
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