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Montgomery School: Inspired to Explore, Prepared to Succeed
Montgomery School: Inspired to Explore, Prepared to Succeed

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Come back to Montgomery's Centennial Celebration
Friday, May 20th
Saturday, May 21st
Register Now @

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To learn more about the benefits of a PreK-8th grade program, visit Montgomery School at

Or register for an Open House Program on Tuesday, May 3 beginning at 6:30 pm here:

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Middle School students recommend their favorite TED-Ed videos.

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After playing music as students entered Bell Hall, Deuce delivered a very powerful 8th grade Chapel on the topic of forgiveness. Drawing from several personal stories, Deuce talked about the importance of forgiving people who have hurt you. He also used examples where not forgiving ruined a friendship, or had another negative effect. He said, “Also forgiving doesn't necessarily mean it's for the other person. When you forgive it should be for yourself because when someone has done something to you, you're either upset or angry. Forgiving is a way to get rid of that emotion in a positive way. But once you forgive you should know you can't trust that person, and not make the same mistake twice.”

After explaining why it is important to forgive, Deuce said, “Not forgiving will literally eat at you and you wish you could just speak to them or handle the situation differently.  But I shall start forgiving from this point forward.” Deuce's powerful Chapel message resonated with every member of his audience!
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Unselfish teamwork is what truly made this collection of very good athletes perfect…

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This process compels you to make a commitment to align your actions with your inner values.

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Our 100-year-old kindergarten students took a slow walk around campus, visiting classrooms, staff members, and even the Head of School's office to celebrate the 100th day of school!
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Congratulations to the cast, crew, and directors of Shrek the Musical, Jr. for a fabulous opening night!

There are many more photos on our Smugmug site:

The password for the Smugmug site can be found in the Montgomery School website Parent Portal.
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On Friday, February 19, Faith delivered an inspiring all-school Chapel on the importance of having a positive attitude. She said, “Having a positive attitude is contagious. When one person has it, it can spread to a whole group of people. So choose to be a person who can change your surroundings into a happier place.” 

Faith shared several stories from her life, and spoke about how her attitude toward those experiences helped to shape them. Faith’s audience, ranging in age from kindergarten to eighth grade, as well as adults, were given this useful advice, “If something bad happens to you, like you get a bad grade on a test or lose a sports game, you might feel defeated, like you can’t recover from it, but you can. Just look at the glass half full instead of half empty. Say to yourself, ‘How could I have done better to study for that test,’ or, ‘What skills do I need to improve for next game?’ But, If you think negatively, you are setting yourself up for failure. Thinking you can’t do something is just going to guarantee that you can’t actually do it. This is where perseverance comes in. You need to persevere or push your way through the difficult times and into the better ones.”

At the end of her excellent Chapel, Faith expressed gratitude for the Montgomery community saying, “I owe so much to Montgomery School for nurturing this concept of positive thinking to me because it has changed my life. I grew up here surrounded by loving friends and family that radiate positivity. It has also provided me with an amazing support system. I can always count on my teachers to be there for me when I’m struggling with something. Without Montgomery, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.” Great job, Faith!
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Special thanks to our most recent Centennial Chapel Speaker Series guests!  Montgomery’s current Middle School Head, Dr. Jon Hall, introduced former Middle School Heads, Mr. Harvey Zendt and Mr. Christopher Gorycki, who shared memories of their experiences at Montgomery School. 

Mr. Zendt, Head of Montgomery’s Middle School from 1988 to 1992, related many stories of the early days of Montgomery School’s move to its Chester Springs campus, including some of the challenges of holding classes while the main school building was under construction. Mr. Zendt went on to work at several other schools, and was Head at St. Anne’s Episcopal School. 

Mr. Gorycki was Middle School Head at Montgomery School from 2002 to 2011, and left to become Headmaster at Kent School. Mr. Gorycki shared several memories about activities and experiences that make Montgomery School unique, including special culminating activities specific to the 8th grade year. 

The Centennial Chapel Series will continue throughout the school’s 100th year. A description of past centennial presentations and future chapel presentations are listed on Montgomery School’s website:
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