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Geoff Stephens
In Fly Fishing Devon with Paul Kenyon.
In Fly Fishing Devon with Paul Kenyon.

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Steve Parton must have written this in about 2004. I reckon upon adding 10-15% to Steve's £ figures and you might be on the mark for 2016.
I often think, "how much more rod does one actually get for an extra gazillion £"

Some thoughts upon sea trout activity during the day.

An early evening walk along the Teign reminded me of the time many years ago that I learned to ignore the tiny dimpling "rises" in slack water whilst dry fly fishing for wild brown trout. I used to think that these dimples were evidence of catchable trout. I always failed to catch and wondered why the dimples stopped after a cast or two. Then one day I climbed an overhanging tree and watched as sea trout glided slowly to the surface, touched the surface film and then dropped away.

I like to show clients this "dimpling" from downstream, then exiting the river we sneak carefully upstream and I point out the sea trout.

Very few anglers deliberately target sea trout during the day. Do have a cast at them, you may be lucky, but don't waste time trying more than a couple of casts.The lesson is to spend little or no time trying for these fish and to proceed upstream towards more active water where one can find catchable trout.

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This large stonefly landed on my hand near the Weeke brook which feeds the Teign earlier today. Over an inch and likely a female.

This years first outing for a bit of fun around Scorhill and the far upper reaches of the Teign yesterday. For those who know the really high stretches, up to 'rails'. No fish seen rising but sizes 16 and 18 Adams pulled them up. Very nice to see a few folks enjoying Scorhill and surrounding area in warm weather. Today has seen fog and rain on the north eastern side of the moor. I am looking forward to meeting up with a returning client for further fun on the Teign on Tuesday.
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