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#Ingress 1. Advent
Advent, Advent, ein Lichtlein brennt.
X-faction Event in Graz.
Advent in Graz
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The Resistance capture #13MAGNUS - DALLAS

By securing both #13MAGNUS - NOV 16 Primary Sites, the Vienna and Dallas Resistance successfully retrieve all known RedX devices. Unconfirmed COMM chatter regarding RedX mentions clues to yet undiscovered Jarvis Shards, and the existence of a Very Rare Link Amp. As if #Unight8 was not proof enough of the Resistance's ability to coordinate on a global scale. Excellent work, Agents.

When asked to comment, Lynton-Wolfe had only this to say: With all four devices in our hands, I believe we will finally be able to defeat and destroy the Jarvis puppet. When I am the new leader of the Enlightened, you will all finally be able to join the true Path.

#13MAGNUS - DALLAS - Measurement 4 Report

The Resistance owned 3 Volatile Portals and 6 Non-Volatile Portals
The Enlightened owned 2 Volatile Portals and 11 Non-Volatile Portals

The Resistance controlled 2 Jarvis Shards
The Enlightened Controlled 3 Jarvis Shards

Mind Units at Anomaly END (R): 440,480,500
Mind Units at Anomaly END (E): 446,353,020
Mind Units Shift (R): - 395,974,699
Mind Units Shift (E): - 11,571,941

Neither Faction were able to achieve a Positive Mind Unit Shift

Total for Resistance this Measurement = 92
Total for Enlightened this Measurement = 92

Total for Resistance this Anomaly = 546
Total for Enlightened this Anomaly = 455

Measurement Time Details:
Original: 3:15 (Minutes:Seconds past the hour)
Padded: SQCOIPeNxMPYby 3:15 yCxyWZOdoC
MD5 of Padded String: EEBF4C6A269284F085AA1705A0450573

Jarvis Shard Ownership (at Measurement Time):
Shard 01 - Awareness: Enlightened
Shard 02 - Creativity: Resistance
Shard 03 - Strength: Enlightened
Shard 04 - Insight: Enlightened
Shard 05 - Understanding: Resistance


San Antonio: 



Buenos Aires: 
San Francisco:

Rio de Janeiro: 
San Diego: 
Sao Paulo: 

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#13Magnus  ÖSterreich

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1001 Agenten! Gratulation #Ingress  Austria!

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Jetzt auch auf dem deutschen Google Produkt Blog - Ingress verlässt das Beta Stadium am 14. Dezember und kündigt globalen Wettbewerb an. Yeahhh!
#Ingress   #13Magnus  

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Reports are coming in that v1.37.2 of the #ingress Scanner has started leaking to 10% of the agent population.

Key Features:
1) Click on Portal titles in the COMM to jump to a remote view of the Portal.
2) Long-press on an agent codename to either:
  a) send them a COMM message or
  b) view their public agent profile.
3) User setting in OPS->DEVICE to control visibility of your detailed agent stats.
4) Bug fixes.
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#Ingress   #XMAnomaly in #Wien !

Markiert euch den 16. November 2013 im Kalender!

It's happening all around you. They aren't coming. They're already here.
Here is a list of Emergent XM Anomalies based on the work of our Investigative community (in particular Agents +Anthony Castanza, +Owen Johnston, +Jaredo Wens and +Sonny Lee, with the assistance of many other agents, including +Jonathan Roemer, +Daniel Beaudoin and +Storey Redshaw) and verified by highly-placed Intelligence sources.  

OCTOBER 12, 2013
Los Angeles, CA
San Jose, CA
Bangkok, Thailand

OCTOBER 26, 2013
Seattle, WA
Kiev, Ukraine

NOVEMBER 2, 2013
Atlanta, GA
Madrid, Spain
Mumbai, India

NOVEMBER 16, 2013
Dallas, TX
Vienna, Austria

DECEMBER 7, 2013
Phoenix, AZ
Rome, Italy

DECEMBER 14, 2013
San Francisco, CA
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The intelligence sources have indicated that as the #13MAGNUS data is analyzed further, secondary locations may also be uncovered.

More information will be added to this Google+ event page as it becomes available.

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#Ingress  Update
#Ingress v1.36.0 has leaked to a small number of Agents via Google Play at It will roll out to all Agents over the next couple days, so stay tuned.

The Alerts tab filters messages previously in Faction COMM to make communication easier to parse. Agents can now customize their Agent Avatar. New recruits benefit from updated Agent Training. And the AP progress bar has been refreshed.
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ATTN +Google Developers:

Work with your local GDG cells to create Cross-Faction Ingress Field Art as part of DevFest:
Ingress can be downloaded from Google Play at
Submit evidence (photos/videos/screenshots) of your Field Art via your GDG Google+ page. Include the #Ingress and #DevFest hashtags.

Niantic Labs Operatives will be scanning the #Ingress #DevFest streams on Google+. Selected Agents will receive Ingress passcodes.
After DevFest concludes, 5 local GDG cells will be asked to retrieve a Dronenet dead drop.

Photographic/video/screenshot evidence must be posted to Public with the #Ingress and #DevFest hashtags by 10 Nov 2013.

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Neues Update bringt Abzeichen in Bronze, Silber, Gold, Schwarz und Platin. #Ingress  
#Ingress v1.35.1 has leaked to Google Play, and should roll out to all Agents over the next couple days. If you are not yet seeing this update, stay tuned. In addition to Scanner performance updates, the AGENT tab includes Agent statistics and recognition of the following skills:

Seer: Discover and successfully submit new Portals.
Connector: Link Portals.
Guardian: Maintain control of a Portal for an extended period of time.
Mind Controller: Create Control Fields.
Purifier: Destroy enemy Resonators.
Hacker: Hack Portals.
Builder: Deploy Resonators.
Explorer: Visit and hack distinct Portals.

Additionally, some Portal notifications have been moved from Faction COMM, and GPS lock will remain on temporarily after switching to a new task or app.
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