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Rebekah Azreiah Henderson (Backers)
5'2" brunette brown eyed furious creature
5'2" brunette brown eyed furious creature

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OMG! It has been forever!
Is there anyone there still?

Damn i am so bored!! I can't wait till summer is over... Anyway i am having friend drama. How is life???

Just having No fun on summer break.... I cant wait till i get to me grams house.... Well i drawled two pictures while being bored... Ha =P

OMG!! Snow white and the Huntsmen is out!! well in my time... But i soo wanna see it!! any one see it?? Is i good??

Yeah school i so over!!! I pasted my finals!!! Sophomore Year here i come!! =P Cant wait till school is so over!! Just got done making my brother a birthday card!! Finding a job now... Wish me luck!!

I can't believe i am going to honors!!! I am so happy!! Yeah.... Has anyone read Full Moon Joker?? if not then look it up! I recommend it to anyone who likes romance.

Finally got done with HW and now i cant wait till class is all over!!

Ha I just cant wait till School is over. Only 2 more weeks left.
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