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6 word memoir
6 Word Memoir #1 Photo Credit to Tom Groom Writers note: 1) The words and photo fit together because the words tell of a long road ahead of me with lots of possible outcomes, and the photo shows the crossing of a bridge, where one side could be very differe...

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Social Fiction: (Diver Dave: He's not normal)
Diver Dave: He's Not Normal (Social Fiction Short Story) (You may enjoy this more if you watch this beforehand:  Hurricane Dave - Bering Sea Gold ) (Twitter Account: )   Diver Dave: He’s Not Normal “My name is Dave...

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Skype Reflection
1. What went well? I think it was good that we were able to apply a lesson that they taugh us, I think it may give them some pride knowing that they are able to teach grade 12s a writing technique 2. What is good about collaborating? Collaboration is good b...

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Procedural Writing- Dynamite Cannon (Minecraft)
This is procedural writing for how to create a dynamite cannon in Minecraft Step 1: Place stones Step 2: Put a stone slab at the end of the stones, put water on the ground near the first blocks and a stone one block above the water source, place a button or...

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1)The topic we presented was about growing up, and our mini lesson was about the question mark. We made it stick in the heads of our audience by making our six word memoir rhyme, as well as having an artsy photograph 2)I feel like our mini lesson could have...

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Reading tweets-Characters perspective
Tweets from the mind of Dexter Morgan (Dexter in the Dark, page 90) Bought Vince some doughnuts #bestbuddy Should I wear a tan bowling shirt or pale blue bowling shirt? #asktwitter Going for a medionoche sandwich with Deb, hope she appreciates how helpful I...
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