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Probably not the Neil you're looking for.
Probably not the Neil you're looking for.

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"The myth of robotic competence is based on a hunch. And it’s a hunch that, for the most part, has been proven dead wrong by real-life robots.

Actual robots are devices of extremely narrow value and capability. They do one or two things with competence, and everything else terribly, or not at all. Auto-assembly bots can paint or spot-weld a vehicle in a fraction of the time that a human crew might require, and with none of the health concerns. ... But ask them to install upholstery, and they would most likely bash the vehicle to pieces."

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This is some really fantastic insight on managing an advanced technology startup. You can skip to 50:30 for lessons learned if you're short on time.

One of the lessons learned is "grad school really was worth it." :-)

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Jürgen Schmidhuber's building a ridiculously comprehensive overview of deep learning literature.

He also published a nice looking talk a few days ago. Another to add to my backlog!

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Since 2007 we've been waiting for the FAA to "decide" how to deal with UAVs. It's time to get the show on the road, guys.

Of course, that's nothing compared to how long it's taken them to legalize cell phones on aircraft... I think we may have a long time yet to wait.

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Forget Dash, now THIS is a cool robot bug design!

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"There are all these people out there who are retired, and their brains are still great, but maybe their knees are not very good. So they're in their home retired, but I'm going to put them to work."

You know, I never before now realized what a huge benefit telepresence could be. Robots just aren't smart enough to take our jobs right now, and they probably won't be for a long time. We need a brain in the loop. Finding the right way to meld human intelligence with robot capability might be the key that unlocks the potential of the robotics industry.

Does PageRank take your personal preferences into account even when you turn off "Personalized Search??" I.e. if you and I search the same exact string, will we always get the same results?

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You may have heard, like I did, that the gov't has made money on TARP. You were relieved and ecstatic, but before you could go out shouting this from the rooftops, you needed the real numbers, in case anyone challenged you.

I'd been looking recently for full, up-to-date numbers on how much the gov't has profited/lost from TARP. Well this is it, baby. Everything you need to know on the 2008 bailouts (TARP, GM, Chrysler, AIG, Fannie, and Freddie), in clear and concise terms.

Summary: Of the original $604B spent, $197.6B is still outstanding (32.7%).
Ultimate cost is estimated to be $32B, but this does not include Fannie or Freddie.

Now I just need to find something like this for the ARRA.

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Hilarious, catchy, AND educational.
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