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"He has a serenity around him that was calming to me. He knew who he was, which I was very jealous of. Whatever the situation, whatever the scenario, he was calm. He responded, he never reacted. He got the best out of himself, a real professional. Chris trained hard, his gym work, his rest time, his diet (apart from smoking), was always at the highest level. He never needed anyone to train with in the gym; he'd just go and get it done". ( emphasis mine).

Make the small things count

Why does it take for businesses take 5 to 10 days to unsubscribe their customer from their mailing list. Managing the email volume is one of the big issue that everyone faces these days and the least favorite of those emails are the promotional emails. First of all, it is not easy to find the link to the unsubscribe and if the customer takes the effort to go through the process, you will force them to go to a page where they need to type their email address and hit the unsubscribe button and then they will be presented with the 5 to 10 days of message. If you have the ability to take the customer's money and send their orders in a couple of seconds, I am sure you can do the same from taking an email address from a mailing list. The customer decided not to receive the emails. Either you can make that process pleasant or make it so unpleasant where people, like me, take the time to go and talk about it on line.  #makesmallthingscount#

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Interesting article. Here is my take on this...

- I don't agree with the author's assessment about the cultural drivers aspect. It is true that people in India are sensitive about society perception but I don't think Nano is targeted for that audience. People in India pay are lot more conscious about the price too. Remember this is the land where people buy Shampoo in sachets rather than buying the whole bottle. 

Nano is the car for the first time car buyer - the people who are ready to move up from scooters to cars. For the amount of pollution that the scooter riders face on a daily basis, Nano is a perfect fit. These customers requirements are different - they are value conscious. So, they need to change the way that they sell - sales process (not a big show room but local agent/salesman allowing people to drive/experience the car), affordable financial plans ( EMI ), targeting people in non urban markets etc.

From an engineering perspective, Tata did a very good job with Nano and I sure hope that they fix the non engineering issues.

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While waiting at the doctor's office to be called in, I picked up the Sports Illustrated magazine and was browsing through the pages, I came across this little paragraph...

"I think the question of whether I would play football again if I had to re-do it is a popular one for journalists, but for me it involves far too many hypothetical scenarios to answer with any seriousness. Would I give up my wife or son? Because, in some sense, football brought me to them. Also, tell me what my life would look like, in painstaking detail, had I not played football. Would I have gone to college? Would i have found something passionate and meaningful to do? Or would I be lost in some joyless job, toiling away at life? And it's very possible I'd still get ALS. Would I have made an impact on others? If you can answer those questions for me, and countless others, I will tell you if I regret playing football. The simple answer is this: Right now, I'm happy. My life is not easy, but it's awesome."

It stuck with me for the rest of the day. In a few sentences, he was able to capture the essence and the uncertainties of the life. 

I ended up searching for that article and read the whole thing. Now, I am stuck with this...

_"So, how does a person react when he or she learns there are two to five years left with which to live?
Denial. Frustration. Anger. Despair. But at some point, I understood that acceptance of this diagnosis was not admitting defeat. That was critical for me personally. I think our lives are enriched when our own death is a conscious thought. I am not saying we should obsess over this, but it can be useful, because it makes you focus on the things and people you truly love. After that realization, I started to dig in, to look forward to what might be in my future. _

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Over the last days, there are a lot of protests against the horrific gang rape and concerns about the safety, particularly against women. Most of the anger is directed towards to the incident and the public is demanding a swift and meaningful action against the offenders. What I am afraid is that we're missing the bigger picture.  If this is just an one off incident or a few incidents, then we can look it as a law and order issue but if it is a prevalent issue, then it is imperative that we need to address the core issues - that means we need to address this as individual/family/community/culture levels.

I would sure hope that everyone takes an opportunity to do some introspection of what we, as individuals as well as communities, can do to prevent this from happening again in the future. 

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Remember this cool ad from Best Buy during Super Bowl. They spent a lot of their advertising dollars in trying to position themselves as a mobile hub. Over the weekend, I was in the local best buy store and I walked into their mobile section to see the latest phones. To my surprise, all I see are the fake phones ( the ones that look like the original but doesn't let you play with it). It seems they used to have a small section where they used to showcase a few real phones but they were using for that space as Windows 8 showcase display. 

One of the benefits of the local retail stores over the internet retailers is the ability for the customers to explore devices. And you're willingly taking away that option. Is this the Customer Experience that they are aiming for? 

I am sure they have all of the phones locked up behind their counters but they got to find a way for the customers to explore those devices. This execution flaw is killing the vision that they have in mind.

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Interesting use of technology.. FWIW, this is his last year costume.

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From the article...

"In the smartphone industry alone, according to a Stanford University analysis, as much as $20 billion was spent on patent litigation and patent purchases in the last two years — an amount equal to eight Mars rover missions. Last year, for the first time, spending by Apple and Google on patent lawsuits and unusually big-dollar patent purchases exceeded spending on research and development of new products, according to public filings."
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