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Buying and Selling United States Coins and Currency!
Buying and Selling United States Coins and Currency!

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$10.00 The Security National Bank of Sheboygan Wisconsin Ch#11150,1929 Type 2,VF, asking price $174.95.

#jakesmp #Nationalcurrency

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Protect your investment with a holder that will also allow you to appreciate the beauty. This Capital holder is archival safe and allows for viewing both sides of the coins.

Find it on eBay

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Date: 1853
Mint: Philadelphia
Denomination: U.S. Quarter Dollar
Condition: Extra Fine
Comment: Natural circulation wear, even color and fantastic coin for a date set, type set or coin appreciation for this series.

Stock #: 6193-Ebay
Price:US $166.95

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Money Clips, Gorgeous 2-Toned Gold on Silver World Coin Hinged Money Clips

Each one of these real coins from around the World is first layered in pure Bright Silver. Then the figures of each are highlighted and brought to life with rich pure 24K Gold (this gold work is done by hand). This breathtaking and exclusive work turns these coins into stunning and true works of art. Each coin is hermetically sealed against wear in a clear, hard acrylic coating.

NOTE: The Gold & Silver is much, much brighter and distinct than what the scanned photos show. Each coin comes mounted in a patented hinge type clip that will hold just one bill or a number of bills. (Now that last bill won't slip away) Each one comes in a nice jewelry box.
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1832 Bust Half Dollar Fine
List Price $82.95 - On sale: $75.95
Even wear and natural circulation color.
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Confederate States of America

Denomination: $100.00
State: Virginia
City: Richmond
Serial Number: 56767
Date: Nov 20, 1862
Printer: Keatinge & Ball, Columbia, S.C.
Condition: Very Fine, one small fold wear on lower right of note
Dimensions: 7-5/16" x 3-1/16"
Signed: Yes
Reverse: Three Interest paid stamps on the reverse.

Slave hoeing cotton in the center with John C. Calhoun on the left and Columbia on the right.

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September 13, 1913..well, I doubt it was minted on the 13th...but only Copper Abe know for sure!
Find this semi-key date on eBay.

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Hard Times Token 1837 Executive Experiment / Illusions I follow In The Steps Of My Predecessor Mint State

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The folder that got most kids interested in collecting coins!
Whitman Lincoln Cent folder 1909-1940. Find this and the rest of the series of Whitman Folders from cents to dollar at our website!

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Collecting Confederate Paper Money
Field Edition 2014
By: Pierre Fricke
Hard Cover / 574 Pages

Actual size of book - H 6 1/4" x W 9 1/4"
Published by Pierre Fricke (2014)
ISBN 10: 0984453490
ISBN 13: 9780984453498
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