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RPG enthusiast & OSR publisher
RPG enthusiast & OSR publisher

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Behind this link you can find four Patreon material posts including:

DWARVEN STRONGHOLD with breeding chamber and dragon which tears are harvested.

BANDITS. Stats, races, tactics, morale, random tables.

WIZARD TOWER OF TOERD. Toerd is a boring town, but there is a wizard tower.

ALIA(K) OF WIZARD TOWER. First female wizard and her story.

Go download, they are free (thanks for my patrons). And check out all the things posted there!

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A blogpost bundle of Patreon material, free for you!

DWARVEN STRONGHOLD has interesting things, like dwarf youngling breeding chambers and a dragon which tears are harvested.

BANDITS gives you what else than bandits! Some random tables, and different races. And stats for different types of bandit forces.

WIZARD TOWER OF TOERD. Toerd is a boring village, but there is a wizards' tower!

ALIA(K) OF WIZARD TOWER. She was the first female wizard accepted to Wizard Tower. This is her story. Includes a timeline of her life so you can use her in your campaign.


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WH40k cultist who is going to play a Nekromunda juve.

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When I bought a bunch of skaven, a couple of them were more or less finished. This warlock engineer was one of them.
Instead of re-painting him (because frankly, painting a skaven army is a never ending story) I just decided to give him a finishing touch - to get him game ready and to save time.

I painted:
- Back canister, which was unpainted.
- Pistol tubes, which were same color as his robe.
- Weapon blade.
- Skull.
- Washed.

I wanted to keep this as close to what the original painter was doing, trying not to add things I usually do myself.

Need to finish base, but he is ready to fight now!

Would anyone be interested in buying the Lamentations Of The Flame Princess' Island Of The Unknown vinyl map?

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Space Crusade (StarQuest) painted! Started this a little over an year ago, so quality of individual miniatures varies a lot.

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Game night! Aarakocra barbarian and Tabaxi ranger explore bullywug dungeon to find aarakocra lore.

It's been a while since I played, and I am having a blast!

Halukkaat Whatsappin käyttäjät. OSR Tukiryhmäbon luotu kasuaaliin jutusteluun ja vaikkapa conimiittien säätöön.
Ole yhteydessä minuun, niin lisään!

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Kaikkihan täällä tietävät, että SL&VL #2 on jo tilauksessa, mutta tässä on blogipostausta aiheesta.

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