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I am watching TED Talks all night they are so great. Which should I watch? What are your favorites?
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oo I will add both of those. thanks!
Oooh, I love this thread. KEEP IT GOING.
@ben- oo that one was really good.@phyllis- we worked with morgan on that movie! I will add the seth ones.
James Kunstler on Places Worth Saving. TED needs more brash New Yorkers like that cat.
Sweet I have added all of these to my Youtube Watch Later queue, which has been playing TED talks for like 5 hours now.
The Ford one on traffic grids was pretty cool.
@Josh- that one looks terrifying!
I could listen to her Scottish brogue all day! : ) Love it.
I snarfed 400+ TED audio talks. Now when I am getting my teeth cleaned I can listen to Oliver Sacks.
Off the top of my head, I like Simon Sinek and Rachel Botsman. But tons of great ones!
Ooo annie I added both of those!
All of them, to be honest, i can't just pick a few to say "watch these", almost every talk on TED is either inspirational, emotionally touching, or just opens my eyes about a subject i wasn't familiar with before. The best ones are the ones that bring out empathy and remind us that our cozy lives aren't a prime example of the lives of most human beings on the planet.
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