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I play games at work

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Hi gang! Just a reminder, the February OCTribe is tomorrow in San Francisco :) this month's presenter is Meghan Murphy, the Senior Community Manager for Twilio. She'll be talking about how to "build, grow and defend" a developer community.

It starts at 7, and it's at 435 Brannan St. The invite has info on streaming as well.

'Twill be fun!

Do y'all share user stories with your company? How do you keep the pipeline filled with interesting tales? How do you encourage the company to establish time and processes to take them in?

I'm working on a talk about finding and presenting stories to developers/managers/executives/everyone, and would love to hear more about how others tackle this. Pipelines are lots of work!

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Hi gang - there's another OCTribe community meetup happening in the Bay Area tonight, with guest speakers from the Arts scene talking about social media and community building. Dan Meagher, Maura Lafferty, Danielle Siembieda and Carly Severn head up the panel.

If you're in SF, the venue and speaker info is:

If you'd prefer a livestream, it'll be on Ustream here:

Full disclosure - I volunteer for these Octribe folks ;) I've loved it as a networking event for us CMs in the area.

My friends, a toolbuilding question: when designing a commenting system, what moderation tools do you scope along with it? In particular:

- Must haves (absolutely-necessary-or-our-community-will-turn-into-a-swarm-of-angry-bees)
- Good to haves (high impact, but not necessary to keep the lights on)
- Nice to haves (makes the day to day easier and more efficient)

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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SF Bay Area Community Aficionados™, there's a meetup at 6pm tonight in San Francisco for us Community Managers. The speakers tonight are:

"Randy Farmer, Community Pioneer and O'Reilly Author
Scott Moore, Formerly of Schwab Foundation and WikiAnswers
Maria Ogneva, Yammer
Moderator: Bill Johnston, Autodesk"

More info can be found here:

See you there!

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Why community matters: Mojang hires members of its modding community to grow Minecraft

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PocketGamer named TinyCo #32 on its list of top mobile developers for 2012 :D hooray, and congrats to everyone who made the list!

iBooks Author requires OSX Lion? Really? Well that's frustrating and baffling.

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You monsters! 51% of people who cheat at social games also park in handicap spaces, or steal towels from hotels, or take my pen and don't give it back.
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