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It seems that many of the most popular Las Vegas 'day life' pools are full of nasty nastiness.

Trying FileVault on my Air. Curious to see how it performs. The idea of full-disk encryption is very attractive.

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I thought I knew a lot about Lion but I've already learned a bunch of new stuff from the Ars review.

I had this amazing moment today where if you walked up to me and asked what day it was, I would have sworn on a grave it was Friday.

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One of my favorite podcasts, Vegas Gang by +Hunter Hillegas +chuck monster +Dave Schwartz and Jeff Simpson interviewed the president of M Resort today, Anthony Marnell III. It's a great interview and totally worth listening to, he has an interesting perspective on lots of things in Vegas.

Anthony Marnell should take over for Steve Wynn when he retires.

OS X 10.7 Lion

So it looks like OS X Lion is hitting the street tomorrow. I've been running it full-time for maybe six weeks, through the end of the developer beta series.

Generally, my experiences fall into a few different categories:

1. Changes I Like

- Mail: I use the OS X heavily and it gets a big upgrade this time around. I really like what they've done here in the UI, conversations, search, etc...

- Safari: Mostly under-the-hood updates but the browser is faster and seems more stable. I use the browser a lot, so this is welcome. I dunno if it's faster then Chome but it feels close. I have Safari, Firefox and Chrome all installed but use Safari the most.

- Preview: I actually use Preview quite a bit and in Lion it got a facelift and some new features for navigation, highlighting, editing, etc...

- Mission Control: I've never really used Expose much in the past and while I've always used Spaces, they seemed imperfect. I like their combination into Mission Control. It seems to better map to how my brain thinks it should work.

- Auto-Save and Versions: It's really cool to have version control for every doc in the system. Really cool... Plus, auto-save means you don't get a 'would you like to save' sheet when you quit an app.

- Resume: I love being able to restart my Mac and have literally every window, app, etc... all back exactly like they were before. Third party apps can't support this soon enough.

- FileVault 2: Previously, the Apple FileVault encryption system was a terrible joke. It never worked right and could corrupt your drive if you looked at it funny. This is a whole new system for protecting a drive. It finally 'just works'.

- iCloud: Not really a part of Lion but this is gonna be awesome when it's fully up and working in September. Solves probably my biggest complaint with iOS and moving documents around between those devices and my Macs.

2. Changes I Don't Like

- Dock Lights: By default, it seems that the running app no longer shows a little light under it in the Dock. I assume this is because they want to blur the lines between running and not running apps (the auto-resume features are part of this too). But yeah, I like the lights. Fortunately, you can toggle this in System Preferences. Toggled.

- App Store Only Distribution: I think having Lion in the App Store is great but I'm not sure if it should be the only way to get it. That seems a little extreme for people in a bunch of situations that make a multi-GB download tough to handle. Expect blow-back and unhappiness surrounding this.

3. Changes That Took Some Getting Used To

- Scrolling: The change in scroll direction took me about a week to get behind. Now I'm totally converted and find myself doing it backwards when I go back to a Snow Leopard machine. You can turn this off but you might want to give it a go and see if you like it.

- Gestures: I've never really been a big gesture guy on the Mac, despite the fact I am addicted to them on iOS. Still, a few of the gestures they've added in Lion, like in Safari, have been useful to me.

4. Changes That I Will Never, Ever Use

- Launchpad: The iOS style launcher. Seems very pointless for all but the newest of users. I expect this feature to be a dud.

- iCal: The updated iCal is super ugly. I use BusyCal, so I'll never have to see it.

- AirDrop: This new file transfer method seems convenient but I don't see myself using it for anything. Like Batman, I work alone.

- Full Screen: I may use this in a few apps, perhaps iPhoto, but generally, FSA makes no sense on a 27" screen. It's better on my MacBook Air but still... not really for me.


All that said though, I like the fact that it's not radically different. I use my Macs to get work done most of the time and Lion improves that experience without dramatically shaking things up. iOS is the platform for rapid innovation, MacOS X is on a slower schedule and I'm fine with that.

If you can resist upgrading right away, you might want to wait a few weeks as the inevitable launch bugs shake themselves out... but at $30, it seems like a no-brainer upgrade for supported hardware.

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