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Cider With Sophie
A village gal, living in the City (Brighton) with a lot of hairy beings; cat, child and gentleman.
A village gal, living in the City (Brighton) with a lot of hairy beings; cat, child and gentleman.


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Places in Worthing: Lemon fizz gift shop
Bit of a different one this week for the newest addition to my Worthing series.  This time it's a shop! For years Worthing's shopping scene has been pretty poor, with the majority of the "high street" consisting of either cheapy pound shop style or empty sh...

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Hevy fest
A few weekends ago, I headed off to Hevy fest, a festival in Ashford, Kent that I had never been to before. Not only that, but i'm not sure i've ever been to Kent before?! Hevyfest is a small, relatively new festival which only started as a one day festival...

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Why go out when you can stay in?
Having a child, our socialising more often than not consists of having friends over or doing things involving Ophelia. More often than not this involves cheese and wine. Even before having a child, my addiction  for cows' creamy dairy creations would often ...

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Baking: with Boohoo
Between buying a house, becoming self employed and having a toddler, not much  baking has been happening round these parts. Until now. I didn't do much baking at our old house because there was hardly any surface space, which made life pretty tricky. But ou...

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Places in Worthing: Baked
 We've been living in Worthing for about two months now, and today we finally mooched.  Yeah, you know. Ambled.  We headed into town with no real plan except stopping via the sorting office to pick up yet another parcel (work trouser in case you were intere...

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The perfect wind down
Sundays are pretty awesome no? I'm not sure why, but i'm pretty much wired up to spend, or at least wish to spend, Sundays doing as little as possible in order to be as happy as possible going in to the working week. This Sunday I've managed to do just that...

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Don't lose what makes you, you.
Since having Ophelia, there have been moments that i've found myself lost in a river (quite literally of my tears at times) of confusion and rough times, dizzy and simply trying to keep myself afloat.  Wondering what has become of me and the things that mak...

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LIFE: A day out to Marwell Zoo
As I mentioned before , Callum and I ensure we research days out in advance in order to ascertain if we are ethically happy to go.  Marwell zoo was a pretty solid yes, especially once we heard about their Conservation and sustainability projects. At an incr...

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House warming be-be-que!
As you may or may not be aware, we've been living in our new home for nearly two months (wowzers thats flown by) and have been meaning to have a proper 'do' but not had the chance! We're desperate to invite our nearest and dearest over for a seasonal bbq, b...

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LIFE: A day trip to Brighton Sea life centre
We are quite conscientious regarding where we take Ophelia and what we teach her about the world, ensuring we read as much as we can regarding welfare and ethics regarding places like zoos before we decide whether to take her or not. The Sea life centre is ...
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