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UK’s Leading Online Talent Acquisition Company
UK’s Leading Online Talent Acquisition Company

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How do manage your cost per hire whilst bringing the best people on board?

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Are your recruitment processes losing more than they’re gaining for your company?

What’s the right way to turn your recruitment into a business boost rather than a time waster?

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New approaches make it possible for recruiters to achieve the ultimate balance – reducing the cost of recruitment whilst bringing in the best candidates.

Find our how you can achieve the balance between quality and quantity and reduce your cost per hire whilst bringing high calibre candidates on board. #HumanResource #HR

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How can a flat fee approach accelerate the rate of recruitment - while reducing your cost her hire?

Find out how it’s done by downloading our free eGuide 6 Reasons to use Response Web Recruitment. #HR

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Could your recruitment funnel be actively creating hidden recruitment costs?

Even activities such as advertising a vacancy can create a drain on your resources.

Find out how in our eGuide How to Create a More Complete Recruitment Funnel. #HumanResource

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Looking to cut your recruitment costs in the year ahead?

In our eGuide How to Recruit Right on a Budget in 2012 you can find out how you can reduce your recruitment costs – and hire a better standard of candidate!

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Flat fee recruitment could help you reduce your recruitment costs - and take the challenges out of advertising a vacancy.

But it’s not entirely risk-free. Find out more!
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